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Hey hi! I am glad to know that you want to know about me. First of all, let me introduce myself to you my name is Akash Navi from Karnataka, India.

By profession, I am a Science student and a blogger by passion. I am online working with websites and using WordPress from last 3 years.

I am the founder of this blog where I share tips and tricks about building up a website and making money out of it. I dedicate this website to the people who want to get started with blogging and make money online.

Usually, I share my experience with WordPress, SEO, Web hosting on Blogging Champs in the form of Blogging guides published here.

I have tailored many other websites which are online based on various topics. But I love to write on Blogging Champs the most!

I love the BLOGGING topic and write more and more about it.

When I had started my first blog it was powered by Blogger.com which allows people to start their own website for free.

At that time I had no knowledge about writing guides or articles I can say. I used to click here and there in Blogger interface. And got to know that I can create pages and posts over there.

Then I started writing about posts (articles) about anything that comes to mind. : P That blog was mix up of many topics like the smartphone, Microsoft Windows guides etc.

As I knew nothing about how content writing is done and how we have to tailor the posts. I use to finish up the article in just 150 words. 😀

Now I am a very talkative blogger who writes articles for more than 1000+ words normally. 🙂

But as I spent time writing things and researching about blogging and its benefits. I came across an interesting thing.

Thinking what was that?

It was an article which told me that I can even make money by writing blogs. As soon as I found that thing I again searched on Google about how we can make the money.

I got a link to Google AdSense which allows us to show the Google ads on our website and make money. Soon after that, I applied for Google AdSense.

They were not in the mood to accept my application as I had published many articles about hacking and cracking too.

As the time went I got to know many things about blogging and AdSense.

While I was searching on Google for the reasons why AdSense is not approving my application. I meet an amazing guy Himanshu Negi.

Now I had an online friend who has a blog and was running it quite successfully. This guy had amazing knowledge about blogging and the way it works.

So I kept in touch with Himanshu Negi, he told me to register a domain name and start blogging on it. But I did not know how we have to register the domain name and get it online.

He helped me to get a domain, he registered a domain name for me and gave that by hosting and installing WordPress on it.

As I was a newbie blogger and knew nothing about WordPress, I use to do experiments by installing new plugins and changing the WordPress settings.

Due to the experiments I did, my blog went down as I deleted some theme file. I still remember I had taken my website down for 2 to 3 times but Himanshu Negi used to fix it for me.

With his support, I learned using WordPress, SEO and link building soon in few days. And I built a blog which was getting a good amount of traffic.

Then I applied for Google AdSense and they approved my application. Now I was running ads on my website and was earning with it. 🙂

This was how my blogging journey started.

Now let me tell you more about me:

I have studied at S.C.K.E.M.S English medium school at Banglore, Karnataka. Long school name haha…….. It’s the short form of the name 😛

I was there till class 7 and after class 7 I have completed my schooling at Vanita Vidyalaya English Medium School, Belgaum. After my class 10, I am currently am studying Science at G.S.S Pre-university  College, Belgaum.

I am very keen to learn new things, most of the time when I am free and have access to my Laptop I invest my time in learning new things.

The subject does not matter for me but I just go through the topic very deeply. And finally, I would like to say I am a little emotional person 🙂

What Do I Share on This Blog?

Now let me tell you what articles and guides I publish on Blogging Champs. I write about below-mentioned topics on this website.

How to Connect With Me?

And finally, if you wish to connect with me then you can do that by adding me on Facebook. Just send me a friend request and we can talk on Facebook.

I am also on Twitter, you can follow me @TheAkashNavi

Thank you for reading about me and if you want to stay up to date about my articles and guides then subscribe to me.

Have a Great Day Ahead!

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