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How to Add Bank Account to Google Adsense ?

Written by Anirudh Singh

Google Adsense definitely is the best Ad Network for Bloggers and Website Owners across the Globe. You might have already followed the process to apply for Google Adsense and must be having a fully approved Google Adsense account. Now that you have a Google Adsense Account, you might be looking to Add Bank Account in Adsense Account.

Adding a Bank Account in Google Adsense Account is requirement for those who wish to receive their payments via EFT through Wire Transfer.  In a lot of countries Including India, publishers can receive their Adsense Payments only through Wire Transfer. A lot of publishers even have to face the situation of payment hold as they do not add their Bank Account to Google Adsense Account.

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So, it is very important to add the form of payment in Adsense. Today, in this tutorial we will help you with the complete process to add a bank account in your Adsense Account.

How to Add a Bank Account to Google Adsense ?

Before we tell you about the process of adding bank account in Google Adsense account, make sure you have an activated account and the finalized earnings in your Adsense Account has reached $10 or the local currency equivalent. Please note that $10 is set as the threshold amount to add a form of payment in Google Adsense.

Let us know the steps to Add a Bank Account in Google Adsense.

1) Login to Google Adsense Account with your Email Id and Password.

2) Click on the Gear Icon  present on the top right side of your Google Adsense Account Page. (Located just after your Email Address and before the Notifications ‘Bell Sign’ )Gear Icon Adsense

 3) Click on Payments.Payments in Google Adsense4) Click  on Manage link as shown in Image below.Manage Payment Method in Google Adsense

Note : If the finalized earnings in your Google Adsense have not yet reached $10, you will see that you will nnot be able select your payment method.

Payment Method Adsense

5) Corresponding to Payment Method, you will see a button to Add a new Payment Method. Click on this button to proceed.

6) In order to Add a Bank Account to Google Adsense, you need to add the following details :

Account Holder Name : Enter the Name of the Account Holder as in Bank Details.

Bank Name : Enter the Full Name of the Bank instead of writing the abbreviation.

IFSC : Enter the IFSC Code of the Branch.

SWIFT – BIC : Enter the Swift Code of the Bank Branch or the Nearest Bank Branch (In Case your Branch does not have its Swift Code).

Note : If you are unaware of what Swift Code you should put here, you can contact your Bank and get the Swift Code.

Account Number : Enter your Account Number.

Re-Type Account Number : Re-Enter your Account Number.

* Details like Intermediary Bank and FFC or FBO are not mandatory and can be omitted. Only if your Bank needs any of these, you may need to enter these details. You can also get these details from your Bank.

Add a Payment Method in Adsense7) Click on Save button after you have entered and re-checked your Bank Details.

Important Note : One important point I would like to mention over here. Do make sure that the Address in your Bank Account and your Adsense Account is the same. Sometimes, the bank may put the payment on hold due to address mismatch. This has been my personal experience when I got my $540 on hold. After a lot of arguments with the Bank Manager I was able to receive my payment. As soon as I got the payment, first thing I did was I changed my Address in Google Adsense account exactly as in my Bank Account records. From next month onwards, there were no such issues.

This is the complete process to Add a Bank Account in Google Adsense. Hope this article will help you to do the needful.

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  • i am not able to create my adsense account while adding the detail to adsense coout creation the msg display Please register for AdSense directly from how can fix that problem

    • Hi Dinesh Gupta,
      As you are applying AdSense on a website which is running on BlogSpot platform. You are getting this message while you try to apply for AdSense.

      You can apply for Google AdSense from the Blogger Dashboard itself.

      Use that option and you will be able to apply for AdSense successfully.

      But I recommend you to use a custom domain before you apply for AdSense. You can read this guide and register a great domain with NameCheap.

  • Nice article, I want to link my bank account to adsense. I don’t know about swift code. But I have IBAN account no.
    Do I need Dollar currency account or local currency is also ok?

    • Hi Zean,
      You don’t have to link your Bank account with the Google AdSense account.

      You just have to enter your bank account details in the Payment section of the Google AdSense dashboard.

      If you are facing any other issues let me know.

  • my adsense address and bank address is different so what should I do. Next month I will get my firs payment from adsense. till the time i didn’t add bank details in payment method please suggest me. and one more thing that i have joint account so can i fill details of that joint account

    • Hi Amit Sharma,
      If you have a different address in your bank account and AdSense account then you have to first fix that.

      All you have to do is just change the address in the Google AdSense account. But make sure that it is
      same as you can find it on the bank passbook.

      As you told me that you have got a joint account with you. I have never used a joint account to receive the
      AdSense payment.

      You may or you may not face issues while getting your payment in the joint account. So what I recommend you is
      use a personal bank account to receive the payment.

      But while entering your bank account details in the AdSense account make sure that you enter correct IFSC and SWIFT code.

      I wish you all the best for your future AdSense payments. 🙂

      And yea don’t forget to subscribe to Blogging Champs.

      Akash Navi

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