How to Add Subdomain in Bluehost Hosting?

Written by Akash Navi

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Bluehost which is one of the best web hosting provider in the world, you can buy all kind of web hosting services of your wish. Which you need to run your websites and blogs online. They offer very good service for cheap cost, and the speed and uptime of their servers is simply great. If you have hosted your website with them then you are in a right company.

In this guide I will be telling you the procedure which you need to follow to add subdomain in bluehost hosting package. Recently we have published a guide on how you can buy hosting from Bluehost if you are planning to buy one more hosting package form them you can read that guide you will get information about it.

What is a Subdomain?

But before we proceed to the further part and learn the procedure to create and host a subdomain in Bluehost Linux Hosting. Let’s us read about what is a subdomain actually? Subdomain is a domain which is a part of your main domain name.

I shall show you an example for this, we all know about Wikipedia.Com, when you open their website you can see in your address bar that the website which is currently open in your web browser is a subdomain. Which is it’s a subdomain for English users.

How to Add Subdomains in Bluehost Hosting?

Add subdomain in Bluehost

So now let us get started with this guide and check out the procedure which you need to follow to add a subdomain with your Bluehost hosting package which uses cPanel.

To add it the first thing you need to do is login into your Bluehost cPanel by entering your username and password. You can use this link which is provided here, it will take you to cPanel in new tab of your web browser.

Once you login into your cPanel, look for Domains section. From there click on Subdomains, you can refer the image embedded below for more details.

Click on Subdomains in Bluehost

When you click on that you will be taken to a new webpage in the same tab, in which you will get options to create subdomains for you.

add Subdomain in bluehost

Enter the subdomain and select the domain for which you want to create. And at last click on Create, checkout the image above for more detailed information regarding this step.

So this was how you can do it, I hope you are clear with all the steps which I have mentioned in this article. If you have any kind of doubts you can comment below, I will respond to your comment as quick as possible.

If you want to install WordPress on this subdomain, I have a guide with me which will guide you to install WordPress on Bluehost.

And if you want to upload your files to the server you can use FTP Clients to upload it. You can use the guides which are linked below.

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