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5 Best Google AdSense WordPress Plugins

Written by Akash Navi

Google AdSense every blogger know about this program no matter if he is a newbie or an intermediate blogger because when it comes to earning money by blog the first thing that comes to the mind is Google AdSense. If you have a high-quality blog with decent traffic to it then you can make a good amount of money with Google AdSense.

All you have to do is apply for Google AdSense, wait till they approve your application and place ads on your website, if you own a website or blog which runs on WordPress then you can place ads on your website very easily.

Thinking how?

You can place them easily both on pages and within posts on your website with the help of WordPress plugins we get plugins for all the reasons. You can find more than 48,000 plugins in the WordPress plugins repository.

But if you visit the plugin and repository and search for Google AdSense plugins then you will get many plugins over there and it will be quite confusing for you to choose the right one for you.

And that’s the reason why I am writing this article on Blogging Champs, I have listed out the top 5 Google AdSense plugins in this article.

You can choose the one which you would like to use on your website to place Google AdSense ads and earn out of them.

AdSense Plugins to Add AdSense on WordPress

AdSense Plugins to Add AdSense on WordPress

So now let’s check out the best Google AdSesne WordPress plugins to place ads on your WordPress website or blog.

Google AdSense

The official AdSense Plugin which is written by Google. Provides support for AdSense as well as Webmaster Tools. This plugin lets you place AdSense ads using a simple point-and-click UI rather than manually inserting snippets yourself. To insert AdSense ads without the plugin would first involve generating the AdSense snippet and then pasting the Adsense snippet into either the text of the site or directly into the PHP. Google automatically determines potential placements for AdSense ads, suggests an initial ad layout, and allows you to lay out ads on your site.

You can find the features of this plugin below.

  • Easily add AdSense ads to your site to make money from advertising.
  • With one click, enable mobile-specific ad layouts with Automated Mobile Ads.
  • Manage your ads quickly and easily through a point-and-click interface.
  • Manually insert ads in locations that you determine yourself.
  • Exclude pages from having ads on them.
  • Verify your site with Webmaster Tools with just one click.

Ad Injection

Injects any adverts into the WordPress posts or widget area. Restrict who sees ads by post length, age, referrer and IP of the visitor. I have mentioned the features of Ad Injection below.

  • Set the position of the top and bottom advert by paragraph or character.
  • Position the random ads to start or stop in the middle of the post.
  • Stop the random ads 2/3 of the way down a post, or at a paragraph/character position from the beginning/end of the post.
  • New options to exclude ads from blockquote and pre sections. And custom ad excludes tags.
  • Fade unused Home/Archive options instead of making them disappear.
  • Add page age settings to status.
  • Improve debug messages.

Ad Inserter

You can insert any advert or code into WordPress. Perfect for all kinds of banners and ads including AdSense and Amazon. Powerful features, simple use this plugin has many features and you can find some of the important ones below.

  • 16 code blocks.
  • Syntax highlighting editor.
  • Code preview with visual CSS editor.
  • Automatic insertion: before or after post, content, paragraph or excerpt.
  • Automatic insertion before or after random paragraph.
  • Automatic insertion before or after any HTML element in the post.
  • Automatic insertion at the relative position in posts.
  • Clearance options to avoid insertion near images or headers.
  • Automatic insertion between posts on blog pages.
  • Insertion exceptions for posts and pages.
  • Manual insertion: widgets, shortcodes, PHP function call.
  • Custom block alignment and style.
  • Custom CSS class name for wrapping divs to avoid ad blockers.
  • Insertion of shortcodes from other plugins.

Insert Post Ads

This plugin is very simple to use and is written by WPBeginner. Insert Post Ads allows you to insert ads after paragraphs of your post content.

  • With Insert Post Ads you can place Google AdSense ads on any of the pages or posts of your WordPress website.
  • You can exclude any of the posts or pages of your website by entering post id.

Quick AdSense

Quick Adsense is an Ads management WordPress plugin. It offers a quicker & flexible way to insert Adsense or any Ads code into a blog post. Besides, it can randomly place the Ads anywhere within a post. It comes with a simple setting page, and it does not overwhelm you with complicated customizable options.

This plugin is not updated from a long time but I have not found any kind of bugs in this plugin as I am using this from a long time on my other websites. The features of Quick AdSense are mentioned below.

  • Support up to a maximum of 10 Ads codes on Sidebar Widgets.
  • Support up to a maximum of 10 Ads codes for specific placement & randomization within a post.
  • Insert Ads on-the-fly, simply insert <!–Ads1–>, <!–Ads2–> … , <!–RndAds–> to a post to accomplish this.
  • Disable Ads on-the-fly, simply insert <!–NoAds–>, <!–OffDef–>, <!–OffWidget–>, <!–OffBegin–> … and more to a post to accomplish this.
  • The above Tags can be inserted into a post easily via the additional Quicktag Buttons added to the HTML Edit Post SubPanel.

These are the 5 Best Google AdSense WordPress plugins which you can use on your WordPress website to place ads. If you don’t know how you can install WordPress plugins then you can follow this link and read it.

But before you install and place ad codes you have to create ad codes in Google AdSense.

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If you have used any of these 5 plugins before on your website then you can share your experience with those plugins by commenting below.

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  • Hi,
    Thanks for this list. I used all of the plugins recommended by you. Just two notes:

    1. Quick AdSense is out of date and they stopped working on it. There is another plugin, quick adsense reloaded (WP QUADS, https://wordpress.org/plugins/quick-adsense-reloaded/) which is some kind of a follow-up. This plugin is really great, if you are just using AdSense.

    If you are working with different ad networks, I would recommend another plugin like Ad Injection, which is also out of date. I love simple ad managers like WPads, Simple Ads Manager or AdRotate, but the very best is imho Advanced Ads (https://wordpress.org/plugins/advanced-ads/). May be you should take a look on it for the next plugin list, it’s tremendous.

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