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How to Buy Hosting From InMotion Hosting For your Blog?

Written by Akash Navi

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Web hosting is all you need to make your blog or website live as soon as your complete your task to register your domain name. If you have not registered a domain name for you yet, you can use this linked article here to get a domain name registered for you in next 5 Minutes.

When it comes to choose hosting you should always select the web hosting provider wisely. Because if you host your website or blog with any of the web hosting provider and if you see your website not working.(down) Often you will feel you have wasted your money which you have invested in your hosting.

And so today I have come up with an awesome web hosting service and the company about which I am talking is InMotion Hosting. Which is one of the best hosting provider available today online. They are aged company they have experience how they should serve their customers with their high speed web servers.

In this guide I will tell you how you can buy hosting from InMotion Hosting for your blog or website. I will tell you the complete procedure which you need to follow to complete your purchase of hosting from InMotion Hosting with images embedded in my guide.

Why Should You Choose InMotion Hosting?

This question comes in our mind whenever we think of doing something new or try something new. And I think you have this question in your mind currently and that is Why Should You Choose InMotion Hosting Service?

Here is the answer for your question, you are getting some really fantastic features which you will not get in other web hosting services. They say they are better than their competition and I totally agree with their statement.

Free SSD Drives. 

With your hosting package you will get SSD Drives for free of cost. SSD Drives are solid state drives which have capacity to read and drive data at greater speeds than the normal hard drives. This ensures greater speed for your website or blog. Your data will be delivered to your visitors with 2X speeds.

Free Domain Name.

When you buy Business hosting package, all the packages include a free domain name. If you already have registered a domain name and don’t want to register one more during your checkout then you can register it later on as well. Your account will be credited with a free domain.

And if you want to get your domain name transferred with them, you will get a free extension for 1 year.

Free Data Backups.

Yes you heard it right the data backup service is free of cost! You will not be charged anything extra by InMotion Hosting for your data backups. You can check out any of the web hosting service providers they charge extra amount for this service. This feature is available when you purchase any of the business hosting plans.

Free One Click Installer.

You can install more than 300+ web applications with one click, which includes WordPress, Drupal and all the top Content Management Systems for you.

Supports Multiple Coding Languages.

You can code in multiple languages like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Ruby, PHP etc. If you are a developer then here is the right host for you.

Secure IMAP Email.

When you create Email account with InMotion Hosting your Email will be secured. And you can access your Email account from any devices i.e. Android, iOS and Blackberry devices.

Choose your Data Centers.

You have the freedom to choose you data center which is near to your audience to ensure best performance. They have two data centers for your and they are East Coast Data Center and West Cost Data Center. When you choose the best data center for you, your site will load faster, faster downloads etc.

Google Apps Integration.

InMotion Hosting is ready for Google Apps integrations for you. With their GUI wizard you can make Google apps working for you in only few minutes of Configuration.

90 Days Money Back Guarantee.

Your Purchase is secured with 90 days money back guarantee, which means in case you are not satisfied with their service you can get your money back in 90 days.

How to Buy Hosting From InMotion Hosting For your Blog?

InMotion Hosting Banner

So now you know everything you need to know about InMotion Hosting. Now let us know the procedure which you need to buy hosting from InMotion Hosting for your blog.

First of all you need to visit their website, you can use this link here Buy InMotion Hosting, this link will take you to their website in new tab of your web browser.

Scroll down and choose the hosting plan which you want to buy from them. If you are planning to run website or personal blog then I highly recommend you to go with Business Hosting. There are three Business hosting packages available and I have mentioned them below.

SSD IncludedIdealIdealIdeal
MySQL & PostgreSQL Databases250UNLIMITED
Websites on 1 Account26UNLIMITED
Max Speed Zones™EnabledEnabledEnabled
Easy Google Apps IntegrationIdealIdealIdeal
Business-Class HardwareIdealIdealIdeal
Easy Control Panel  IdealIdealIdeal
Parked Domains626UNLIMITED
Sub Domains25100UNLIMITED

Launch Plan will cost you $3.49 per month.

Power Plan will cost you $4.49 per month.

Power Plan will cost you $7.49 per month.

I recommend you to go with Power Business Plan, Click on Order Now. You can refer the image below.

How to Buy Hosting From InMotion Hosting For your Blog?

When you click on ORDER NOW, you will be asked to select the term for which you want to buy hosting from InMotion Hosting for your blog. Refer the image embedded below for more detailed information about this step.

Choose hosting term

Once you select the term for which you want to buy hosting and click on Continue.

Domain name options will be displayed to you, if you want to register a domain name for you. (free domain name) you can do that or else enter your domain name which you have already registered and click on Continue.

Select domain

Now you are at the last step, make your payment and you are done with it.

You have successfully completed your task to buy hosting from InMotion Hosting for your blog. If you have any kind of doubts you can comment below, I will respond to you as soon as possible.

Note: For Discounted Price of InMotion Hosting use this link.

Happy Blogging !!

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