How to Change Data Center in Godaddy?

Written by Akash Navi

Godaddy which is the biggest Domain name registrar in the world, you can register domain name with Godaddy, buy hosting plans, SSL Certificates etc. everything you need to have to build and run a website. When it comes to buy hosting, many people suggests us to go with Godaddy, I agree their hosting services are good. But we can’t say they are best in class. Because I am using their hosting service for all the websites of mine, but I have seen that my websites are down many times in a month.

And thta’s why I said they are good but we can’t say it is best in Class hosting service. In this guide I will tell you how you can change data center in Godaddy hosting. But before that I would like to tell you which data center you should migrate your service to.

Which Data Center you should Migrate to?

Godaddy has 3 data centers currently as on 14/07/2016 and they are Asia, Europe and North America. For best hosting results and speeds you should choose the data center which is near to you.

For example one of my website receives most of the traffic from India, so I have chosen Aisa Data center for my website. Just like this if your are getting most of the traffic from United States you should choose North America Data center.

Is Data Center Migration a Free Service?

If you are willing to migrate website from one data center to another, it is not done free of cost by the company. You need to pay them Rs.1,399.00, Which will be around $21 approx.

How to Change Data Center in Godaddy?

So now let us get started with this guide and check out the procedure which you need to follow to change data center in Godaddy.

To do so first of all you need to login into your account by visiting Godaddy.Com and enter your username and password. When you successfully login into your account, click on your username which is displayed at the upper right corner of your window.

Change Data Center in Godaddy

You will get a menu when you click on that, from that menu click on Manage your Hosting. You can refer the image which is embedded above.

Click on Godaddy Hosting Settings

Once you click on that all the hosting plans which are active on your account will be displayed to you on your screen. Choose the hosting plan whose data center which you are willing to migrate or change and click on Settings as I have shown in the image above.

All your hosting account settings will be displayed to you on your screen, now click on data center from the top menu of the settings dialog box.

Purchase Migration

As I have already told you migration is not free service you have to pay for it. Click on the link provided to purchase the migration it will cost you Rs.1,399.00.

Choose Data Center

When you buy the migration choose the data center. Now you will be asked to select the time when you want to migrate your website to new data center. Once you have selected the time click on Schedule Migration. You can refer the image which is embedded above.

You are done with it, if you have any questions in your mind you can leave your comment below. I will respond to you as quick as possible.

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  • Asia / Culcutta! When I configured I only had Singapore. I have just renewed my hosting for 3 years ?

    Will they accept my request to move my site from Singapore to Calcutta?

    • Hi Raj,
      For few hosting types, we don’t get the option to choose Asia Datacenter. However I recommend you to contact Godaddy for further details. I think they will accept your request but you will be asked to pay for the migration.

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