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How to change default category in WordPress?

change default category in WordPress
Written by Akash Navi

Hey, welcome to Blogging Champs and in this tutorial, we will show you how to change default category in WordPress. Hope you know that WordPress comes with the features like categories tags etc to sort the content and make site structure meaningful and semantic. If you are the newbie to WordPress then we have published some posts that you should know about how to rename categories and how to change author for multiple posts etc.

This is the place where WordPress beginners can learn about WordPress features and WordPress guides. However, let’s come to the point about how to change default category.

What is Default Category in WordPress?

Default category comes with every new WordPress install that automatically created, and used for uncategorized posts or pages. Usually, you file the articles into any of the categories you created but if you forget to assign a category then that post or page will be filed under this default category. This default category is named as “Uncategorized” and cannot be deleted anymore.

Usually, you can rename, edit or delete the other categories by following Posts>>categories delete or edit the categories. But if you want to delete the uncategorized category (Default Category) then you have to assign another category as default to be used.

Anyhow, you can also able to rename the default category from uncategorized to something more meaningful, or you can set a new as the default category. So let’s see how you can rename the uncategorized category or set a new default category.

Rename the “Uncategorized” Category In WordPress!

To Rename the uncategorized category, you need to visit POSTS>>CATEGORIES page and then hover the cursor on category and click on “Quick Edit” link below the Uncategorized category.

Rename Categories in WordPress

Now this will take you to edit category page and then you can edit to the name you want and change the slug (URL). Do remember, if your site is not indexed by search engines then you may proceed to change the slug but if your site is indexed then it’s better not to make changes to it.

Rename Categories in WordPress

Now you know how to edit or rename the categories, so now let’s move further for how to change default category.

Change default category in WordPress!

You can easily able to change the default category, but you have to make sure that you add category other than uncategorized available. Now you added the category and would like to use as default, then you can skip this step. Otherwise, go to Posts » Categories and create a new category.

After completing the above step then, you need to visit Settings » Writing page. (Refer the below image)

change default category in WordPress

After making the visit to writing the page, you will see like below image and click on the drop-down menu and select the category you want to use as default.

change default category in WordPress

Now you selected the default category, but make sure you don’t forget to click on the save changes button to store your settings and WordPress will now use the category you selected as the default category. And you can also able to delete the uncategorized category.

So, guys, this was all about How to change default category in WordPress. I hope you got cleared and enjoyed reading on Blogging Champs. Keep visiting for more WordPress guides like this to learn more about WordPress.

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