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How to Change Default Post Category in WordPress?

Written by Akash Navi

Blogging is all about sharing the knowledge you have with the whole world. You can start a website or a blog based on any topic.

You may publish the same topic posts on your website or you can even mix up your blog with multiple topics. But how can you differentiate between the different topics that are published on your blog?

And the differentiation between the topics is very important for the ease of navigation.

You can do that with the help of tags and categories on your WordPress website. All you have to do is create the category belonging to that topics and publish with it.

When you start your blog and install WordPress you will be having a default post category in WordPress. The default category about which I am talking is the Uncategorized.

By default, if you don’t choose any category for the post you are publishing the uncategorized will be automatically selected.

But is there any way to change default post category in WordPress?

Yes, there is you can easily do that and this guide is all about changing it. I will tell you how you can change it and get the work going.

How Can You Change Default Post Category in WordPress?

Ok, so if you want to change the default post category in WordPress the first thing you should have is a category on your website.

I am talking about any category other than the Uncategorized category of WordPress.

We need this because we have to assign some value for the default category. If you already have created different categories on your website you can choose any one of them.

But if you haven’t created any you can do that easily by going to WordPress Dashboard → Posts → Categories.

Now go to WordPress settings and select writing from there. (Dashboard → Settings → Writing)

Click on Settings and then on Writing

All the settings which are related to writing on your website will be displayed to you. Just select the category which you would like to have as default from the drop-down menu and click on Save Changes button.

Choose Default Post Category

Choose Default Post Category from the drop-down menu


And you are done with it, this is all you have to do to change default post category in WordPress. I hope you are clear with all the steps and information mentioned in this guide. If you have any questions striking your mind feel free to comment down below.

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