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How to Check Backlinks in Google Search Console?

Written by Akash Navi

Backlinks are very important for any website to rank higher in Google search results, not only in Google but also in other search engines like Yahoo, Bing etc. When it comes to building backlinks we should always build them with care we should not build links with black hat techniques, if we do so then it will negatively affect on our search rankings.

When we build backlinks for our websites or blogs we need some effect of those links right? Yes we need some positive effects from them. But ever wondered how many of the links which you have built are being counted by Google? This is what I will be showing you in this guide. I will show you the method by which you can check how many of those links are which you built being counted by search engine giant Google.

There are number of tools available online like Open Link Profiler, Ahrefs and many more who help you to check backlinks of any website. But I have noticed sometimes that the backlink data shown by Ahrefs and Open Link Profiler are not 100% crawled by Google.

My opinion about checking the links which are pointing to our websites is we can use these tools available online, but the data which is showed up in search console is what matters the most. Because Google is using or counting those links to assign ranks to your website so checking backlinks in Google search console is an good idea rather than checking them in any other tools.

How to Check Backlinks in Google Search Console?

Before we proceed to the further part I would like to tell you few things. To check your backlinks in Google search console you should have already added your website to search console. If you have not yet done this then you can’t check your backlink data over there.

If you want to add website to Google Search Console then you follow this link I have published an guide for this reason. (In case you haven’t added yet)

The first thing you need to do is opening Google Search Console, you can follow this link to open it in new tab of your web browser.


Select the website whose backlinks you want to check, after that from the site dashboard click on Search Traffic and then on Links to Your site.

Now You will see three sections in front of you and they are Who links you the most, How your data is linked and Your most linked content let me tell you what these three sections mean.

Who links you the most: The domains which are pointing to your website, these domains are arranged in ascending order of number of links you are getting from them.

How your data is linked: The anchor text by which the domains or other websites I can say are pointing to you.

Your most linked content: The pages of your websites which have got backlinks pointing to them, even your pages are listed in ascending order of number of links.

So now it’s your turn to decide what you want to check about your backlinks, if you want to check the domains pointing to you then click the more link which is given just below the first section of the page.

All the domains will be listed in front of you from which your website has got backlinks from, a whole table will be displayed.


You can view them online or else you can download them too if you wish, just click on the Download this table button and select the format in which you want to download the table. (CSV Format or Google Docs)

If you want to check out the pages which have received backlinks and the anchor text by which you have received links you have to repeat the same steps, just click on the More button below that particular section.

Even those two tables (how your data is linked and your most linked content) are downloadable.

So this was how you can check backlinks in Google search console, it’s very easy and I prefer checking backlinks from here. But other paid tools are also good to use like Moz’s Open Site Explorer it displays you Domain Authority and Page Authority.

I recommend you to read my article about submitting sitemap in Google Search console if you have not submitted your sitemap yet, submitting sitemap assures you that all your the pages of your website are indexed by Google.

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