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How to Check Internal Links in Google Search Console?

Written by Akash Navi

Google the search engine giant we all bloggers want to rank higher with our blogs and websites on Google, the higher we rank there the more traffic we get. And as we all know the importance of traffic it’s directly proportional to the revenue we generate with our websites or blogs. And internal links is also an important factor which help us to improve our ranks in Google search result pages.

Many experts tell that inter-linking the posts help us to rank higher in search engines and yes this helps us rank higher. I am telling you by my personal experience. Google provides us (webmasters) some tools with which we can improve our website presence on Google. And Google search console is one of those tools, today I will show you how you can check internal links in Google search console.

I will show you how you can count the number of internal links which you have created for an particular page on your website.

Checking Internal Links in Google Search Console

To check internal links in search console you have to first of all open Google Search Console and login into your Google account. You should have already added your website to Google search console, if you have not added your website over there then you can’t check your internal links.

But if you want to add website to Google Search Console then follow this link I have published an guide for this reason.


Now after you login into search console, select the website whose internal links you want to check. From website dashboard click on Search Traffic and then on Internal link, you can refer the image I have embedded above.

Internal links of your website will be displayed to you, the links are arranged in ascending order of the number of internal links for that URL or page of your website.

To check number of links for an particular webpage enter the URL in the space provided and click on find, total number of links and the pages from where the URL is interlinked will be displayed to you.


So this was how you can check internal links in Google search console, I hope you are clear with everything which I have mentioned in this guide. If you have anykind of doubts or questions you can leave your comment below.

I have recently published an article in which I have mentioned about how you can check backlinks in Google search console. And also consider reading how you can submit sitemap to Google, submitting will help Google crawl all the pages on your website.

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