How to Create a New Email Account in Godaddy ?

Written by Anirudh Singh

Godaddy is definitely one of the best choice when it comes to hosting. As a matter of fact, Godaddy’s Hosting package also comes with an option to create free unlimited email accounts through the associated cPanel Account. An Email Account is necessary for every webmaster for being a point of contact and for doing any type of professional communication. Usually a Website or Blog owner would like to create email accounts for himself, for each of his team members and for various other employees in different departments. One can easily create an email address in Godaddy’s cpanel. Once you are logged in to your Godaddy’s cPanel a new email account can be created within few seconds.

Steps to Create New Email Account in Godaddy through cPanel

Before we move ahead with the process of creating a new email address in Godaddy through cpanel, make sure you have a website hosted in a Godaddy’s hosting account (Linux, Windows or selected VPS Plans) which has a cpanel account. I mentioned this because some of the Hosting plans like Managed Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and some of the VPS plans do not provide you with a cpanel account.

Let us now have a look at the step by step tutorial to create an email account in Godaddy through cPanel :

1) Login to your Godaddy Account and click on your Name that appears on the top right hand side or the page. After that click on My Products, which will take you to another page.

Godaddy My Products

2) Click on Manage on the hosting of the Website for which you want to create an Email Account. You will now reach the cPanel Account associated with that particular hosting account.

Web Hosting in Godaddy Account

3) Click on Email Account to proceed to start creating Email Account(s).

Email Account in Goddaddy cPanel4) Click on Create Account to create an Email Account. You will now see a new box where you can create your New Email Account and its credentials.

Create Email Account in Godaddy

5) Enter the new Email Account Details like Email Address, New Password & Confirm Password. Select and Enter space required for Mailbox Quota, or select Unlimited for getting unlimited mail storage space.

New Email Address Password and Mailbox Quota in Godaddy

6) Finally Click on Create Account to create the Email Account.

This is the complete tutorial for creating an Email Account in Godaddy through cPanel. Examples of commonly used email address by a Website or Blog owners might be like,, and so on. There might be a case that in future your company or blog team want to delete an email account. In such a case, at any point of time, you can also delete an email account or change password or the mailbox quota.

Once you know how to create an email account in Godaddy, you might also like to read our step by step tutorial to delete an email account in Godaddy.


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