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Cuelinks Review – Easy Affiliate Network

Written by Akash Navi

Affiliate marketing we all know about it and heard about many bloggers all over the world generating a huge amount of income by using Affiliate marketing networks on their websites and blogs. When anyone enters blogging he or she will first try and build a good blog with quality content and good navigation. Then they apply for Google AdSense which is one of the biggest Ad Network which is helping many people to earn with their online website traffic by displaying AdSense Ad units on their websites.

AdSense don’t take every website into their network who apply for them, they only choose and approve good quality websites. When they approve your website, you will now start showing ads on your website and start earning good amount of money with it. No doubt AdSense pays well to their publishers. But let me tell you one fact which most of us know and that is Affiliate Marketing pays more than Google AdSense.

Look over any blog which is successfully running and generating huge income for it owner, most of them don’t use AdSense. Then how are they earning? the answer is through Affiliate marketing. Many bloggers from India and across the globe are trying to enter into affiliate marketing but they are not making their move in it. Because they feel it is complicated.

If even you are one among those people who feel affiliate marketing is a tough job and not your cup of tea. Then I will introduce you to one of the affiliate network which has made Affiliate marketing simpler! and the network about which I am talking is Cuelinks.

Cuelinks Review – Content Monetization for Indian Bloggers.

Cuelinks review

So let me introduce you to this network and tell you what it is and how it works.

What is Cuelinks?

When I said it Cuelinks, you may have got this question in your mind. If so then here is the answer to your question. Cuelinks is content monetization network for Indian Bloggers. They will help you to earn good commissions for every sale which is made by your referral link.

How does Cuelinks work?

When you signup for Cuelinks you will be given a JavaScript which you need to install on your website. Once you are done with the Installation of Cuelinks JavaScript it will automatically convert links throughout your content. Those links to Indian Merchants Sites into Affiliate links.

Refer: How to install Cuelinks JavaScript article to install it on your website.

When someone uses the links to merchants sites and make any transactions you will be paid a good amount of commission for that transaction.

For more detailed information about how this network works, I have embedded a video below for you. This is official video created by the company.

How can you monetize your content with Cuelinks?

If you are targeting Indian audience or you are getting Indian traffic, then this network will work well for you. There are more than 600+ merchant sites who are working with them.

You can get an affiliate link to any merchant sites from your Cuelinks account, it will save your time. Because there is no need to signup for all the networks one by one.

There are two products which you can use on your websites and they are:

  • Cuelinks widget.
  • And CueWords.

Cuelinks Widget.

You can add this widget to your website, this will display deals and coupons in the sidebar. This works too good for those websites who are targeting Smartphones etc.

Your website audience will find some of the best deals and coupon codes in this widget. You can create this according to the size of the sidebar of your website.


This one is one more amazing feature of Cuelinks which will automatically convert the words on your website into affiliate links to various merchant sites.

When your visitor clicks on that links and makes any purchase you will be paid commission.

Revenue Share of Cuelinks.

When it comes to choosing affiliate network everyone looks for the revenue share.

They will pay 75% of the commission to the publisher and 25% will be their share in whatever revenue you generate through the affiliate links you have created using them.

Final Words.

So this was all about Cuelinks Review, I hope you are clear with everything I have mentioned in this article about them. I suggest you use this network with AdSense, it will generate good amount for you along with Google AdSense.

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