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How to Delete Post Revisions in WordPress?

Written by Akash Navi

WordPress undoubtedly the best content management system for those who want to start a blog for their company or business. WordPress is packed with some of the most unique features and the post revision is one among those unique feature. What this does is each time you update your post which is published or saved in draft of your blog, it saves an copy of the old version as well as the new version. No matter how many times you update your post it automatically generates an copy of the revisions. Many bloggers don’t like this and I am one of them who don’t like excessive things on the blogs.

If even you don’t want to keep these revisions on your blog and want to delete them from your database then you have been landed on the right article here on Blogging Champs. In this article of mine I will be telling you how you can delete post revisions in WordPress.

Step by Step Procedure to Delete Post Revisions in WordPress

I have found an handy plugin with the help of which we can delete the post revisions which are automatically stored on our blog(s) and the plugin about which I am talking about is mentioned below.

Plugin Name: Better Delete Revision.

Last Updated: 2 Years ago (as on 24-10-2016)

Plugin Rating: 4.6 out of 5. (on WordPress.org)

The first thing you have to do is installing this plugin on your WordPress blog, you can download it from official website with the link which I have mentioned above and also install it directly by searching from your dashboard.

Do it however you feel convenient, after installing this plugin, activate it. If you want to be assisted with installation then read my article about installing WordPress Plugin.

After activating it you can access it from the sidebar which in your Dashboard by clicking on Settings and after that on Better delete revision.

Now you will see the number of posts which are published on your blog, click on Check Revision Posts.


All the post revisions which are saved on your blog will be displayed in front of you, and if you wish to delete them from your blog then scroll down and click on Yes, I would like to delete them! button and you are done with it all of them will be deleted.


But in case you want to keep them then you have an button for this action too, and that is No, I prefer keeping them.

This plugin is very handy and I use this one on all the blogs I own, even when this plugin is not updated from last 2 years I have not faced any such issues on my blogs.

One thing you should keep in your mind and that is when you click on the button to delete the revisions this action is not reversible. Those revisions will be permanently deleted from your blog.

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