How to Enable Auto Renewal in Godaddy?

Written by Akash Navi

Godaddy which is one of the biggest domain name registrar which provides almost all the essential services which are needed to create, host and run a website online. When it comes to buy or register domain name the first thing which comes in mind is Godaddy. You know why? the first thing is they are one of the biggest registrar as I have already mentioned it. And the second thing is because of their promotions, they promote their products everywhere online using AdWords and other platforms. And on Television too, we can see their ads on Television everyday and on every big channel. So people know the name Godaddy and so their name comes in mind.

Whenever you get any domain name registered with any of the registrars, you need to renew it to keep it live and online. Like when we will be registering domain name or buying web hosting and SSL Certificates we get an option to select the period. Like in months, annual plans and 2 years plans etc. After that period we need to again pay money to the registrar and keep it live. This is not only in the case of Godaddy but with all the registrars. And in this article on BloggingChamps.Com I will tell you how to enable Auto renewal in Godaddy and what actually it is.

What is Auto Renewal feature in Godaddy?

Auto Renewal is a feature which is offered by Godaddy to their customers, which will renew your domain names, hosting plans, SSL certificates etc. automatically when they get expired. When you enable this feature in your account you can stop thinking about the renewals of your products because they will be renewed automatically. But you need to enable it. I will tell you the procedure which you need to follow to enable auto renewal in Godaddy.

How to Enable Auto Renewal in Godaddy?

So let us now check out the procedure to enable auto renewal in Godaddy, first of all you need to open Godaddy’s website and login into your account.

When you login into your account click on your username which is showed at the upper right corner of your window and click on My Products. You can refer the image embedded below.

My Products of Godaddy

All of your products will be displayed to you, from that click on Domains you will get the list of domain names which you have registered with them. Now click on Domain Settings which is given in front of the domain for which you wish to enable auto renew.

Click on Domain settings

When you click on Domain Settings all the setting of your domain name will be displayed to you on your screen. Scroll down and look for Additional settings in that page.

In additional settings of your domain you will find Auto-Renew, from there you can change the settings. By default this feature will be disabled. Click on edit you can refer the picture below.

Enable auto renew

When you click on Edit you will get a Toggle button which you can use to enable or disable auto renewal in Godaddy. I have added the picture of the toggle button below for you. Can you see the domain lock option there just below? I have published a guide on how to unlock domain in Godaddy you can read it too.

Toggle Auto renew button in Godaddy

When you toggle that button the auto renewal feature will be enabled. So this was how you can do it, I hope you liked this guide and yes please share your experience with BloggingChamps.Com with me by commenting below.

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