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How to Enable Hotlink Protection in cPanel?

Written by Akash Navi

When you buy web hosting from any of the Hosting providers like Godaddy, InMotion Hosting etc. they will add a limit to you in case you are using Shared hosting plans. Which means your website will be suspended or will be kept on temporary hold if you are using more than what resources are given to you. Server resources will be consumed or utilized I can say because of various tasks which are running on your server. In this article on BloggingChamps.Com you will find the procedure which you need to follow to enable hotlink protection in cPanel.

But before that let me explain you  what hotlink protection is in simple words.

What is Hotlink Protection?

When you own a website you will obviously upload images on your website. You have uploaded those images on your server for your use. But some people copy image path (URL) and insert your image on your their website. When they do so your image will appear on their website but every time the page is loaded where they have inserted or embedded your image. Your server resources are being used.

So when your server resources are being used it is quite normal that the load on your server will increase which is not good. And if you are on shared hosting plan and your images are hotlinked it may lead your blog or website to get suspended.

Note: Only when you are getting heavy traffic and along with that heavy hotlinking is done.

So it’s better to enable hotlink protection in cPanel and save your server resources.

How to Enable Hotlink Protection in cPanel?

So to enable hotlink protection first of all you need to login into your cPanel account, when you successfully login into your cPanel. Search for Security. You can refer the image embedded below to know where you will find this option.

Enable Hotlink Protection in cPanel

From Security group of options click on Hotlink Protection, when you do so you will get further options to change the status of hotlink protection for your Server. Now you will be asked to enter the Domains on which you would like to share your images on.

What I mean is your images will load on only those domains which you will enter in the space provided here. Other than those domains your images will not get loaded or embedded.

Enter Domain Names

Enter the image extensions for which you would like to block direct access. For example for the images with jpg, jpeg, gif, png and bmp.

If you want your images to be viewed directly when you enter the URL in browsers address bar, then tick “Allow Direct Requests”.

Once you have entered all the information, the last step is click on Enable. And you are done with it, you have successfully enabled Hotlink Protection from your cPanel.

If you have any kind of questions or doubts you can comment below, I will respond to you as quick as possible.

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