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How to Fix Widgets.php Not Found in WordPress?

Written by Akash Navi

WordPress is an amazing content management system. And the use of WordPress is highly recommended by many bloggers and internet marketers to start a personal blog or website.

It is very easy to use with simple user interface. Even if someone is using it for the first thing they can use it easily.

But wait, there is one more face of WordPress.

And that is if you are tweaking your WordPress website and something goes wrong by your mistake. Then you will face difficulties with your blog it may even go down!

Things not only go wrong while tweaking the website but they go wrong sometimes automatically too.

Just like the error “Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance” if any WordPress user faces this error their website will be stuck and inaccessible. If you want to read about that then you do that by following the link.

Even in this article of mine I will tell you how to fix such WordPress error.

I will show you how you can fix widgets.php not found in WordPress error.

What happens if you are getting this error?

You can access all the parts of your website including posts, pages, categories etc. Everything can be accessed but you can’t access your Widgets option. (Dashboard > Appearance > Widgets)

Even the widgets you are using will stay active.

Widgets.php not found error

But still, you can’t access your widgets option. If you try accessing that page your will see 404 not found error just like you can see in the screenshot above.

If you are getting the same type of error on your WordPress website. Then don’t worry because I will show you how you can fix widgets.php not found in WordPress.

How to Fix Widgets.php Not Found in WordPress?

Fix Widgets.php Not Found in WordPress

Now let us get started with this guide and check out how you can fix widgets.php not found in WordPress.

How can you fix it?

The solution for this issue is very simple all we have to do is reinstall WordPress on your website and it will be fixed automatically.

Login to your WordPress dashboard by visiting your login URL. Once you successfully login into your dashboard click on Updates.

Click on Updates in WordPress Dashboard

You will be taken you WordPress updates page, we use this page to install the new updates of themes and plugins we use on the website.

We get the option to automatically re-install WordPress on this page. And we have to use the same option to re-install WordPress.

Click on Re-install Now button which you will find on this page and wait for few movements.

Click on Re-install Now Button

The speed of reinstallation depends on the speed of the web hosting company you are using. In the case of good web hosting company like Bluehost, it will be reinstalled in less than 40 seconds.

But if your web hosting company’s servers are slow then it may few minutes to complete.

Once WordPress is re-installed open www.yoururl.com/wp-admin/widgets.php and you will be able to access the widgets option on your WordPress website.

So this is how you can fix widgets.php not found in WordPress error. I hope you are clear with all the steps if you have any kind of doubts leave your comment below.

I will make sure you get a reply as soon as possible. And don’t forget to subscribe to Blogging Champs.

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