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How to Fix WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error?

Written by Akash Navi

WordPress is one of the best Content management system to start a blog or website, most of the experts prefer to use WordPress to start blog or website. It’s all because it is very easy to use and highly customizable by installing WordPress plugins and even the appearance of the website can be customized by installing WordPress themes.

But the problem is while making some changes or tweaking the WordPress if you even make a small mistake then your website might go down or get damaged. After that, you will not be able to access your website you will get some errors. Finding solutions for these errors is quite easy and in this article of mine, I will tell the procedure by following which you can fix WordPress posts returning 404 error.

In most of the cases, you will able to access your homepage and WordPress dashboard but when you open any of the posts or pages which you have published on your website you will get 404 error.

Don’t panic if you are getting this error on your WordPress website all the posts and pages which you have published are safe and they are in their place. You can fix this error within minutes read on to know how…….

How to Fix 404 error on WordPress Posts?

The first thing you have to do is login into you WordPress dashboard by entering your username and password. After that click on Settings which you can find in the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard interface.

Fix WordPress Posts Returning 404 Error

Then click on Permalinks, you can refer the image embedded above. Scroll down and simply click on Save Changes remember you should not change any things in the permalinks section all you have to do is just click on Save Changes.

This will update your Permalinks links settings by flushing the old settings and you are good to go, you can now access your posts too.

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