How to get Transfer Authorization Code in Godaddy ?

Written by Akash Navi

Godaddy which is one of the biggest Domain Name Registrar and Web hosting provider in the world. Not only domain names and hosting but they provide SSL, Website builders and many more features to their customers. I think you are already Godaddy customer and own a domain name which you have registered with them. And you want to get your domain name transferred to another Domain name registrar which is online. If yes and you are planning to get it transferred then you may have come across a term and that is Domain Transfer Authorization Code. I will tell you in detail about this term and what is that all about.

What is Transfer Authorization Code in Godaddy ?

Transfer Authorization Code in Godaddy or any of the domain name registrar is a code which is used to change the domain name registrar. In simple words I can say like it is a code which your current registrar provides to you which you need to give to the new registrar where you are willing to transfer your domain name.

For example I have a domain name which I have registered with Godaddy. Now I want to transfer it to Bigrock, So first I need to get domain transfer autorization code from Godaddy. And later on I need to provide that code to Bigrock, when I provide it to bigrock the transfer process starts.

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How to get Transfer Authorization Code in Godaddy ?

So now let me tell you how you can get the Domain name transfer authorization code in Godaddy. I have mentioned all the steps with pictures so it will be more easy for you to understand the steps.

First of all open Godaddy and login into your account, by entering Username and Password. You can directly open login page by using the link provided here.

After that click on your username which is shown at the upper right corner of the window and later on you need to click on My Products.

Click on My Products

All the products which you have purchased from them will be displayed to you on your screen. Now click on Manage which is just in front of Domains.

Manage Domain Names

From the list of domains, select the domain whose transfer authorization code you are willing to get. What I mean by selecting is click on the Name.

You will find all the important options of the domain name control in the page. Like Name Servers, Auto Renew option, Transfer Lock etc. Scroll down to the end of the page and you will find Authorization Code there.

Email Authorization Code

Godaddy will send you the authorization code by mail to the Email address which is associated with your account. To get the code you need to click on Email my code.

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