How to Get Godaddy Discount on Renewal?

Written by Akash Navi

Godaddy is a great registrar when it comes to registering a domain name. They are the biggest domain registrar in the world. I think even you have registered a domain name or have purchased hosting from them. If yes, then I will tell you about how you can get Godaddy Discount on Renewal.

If the products you have purchased from Godaddy are about expire then you should renew it as soon as possible. If you don’t renew your products in time then the risk of cancellation arises.

So why to risk the products, let’s renew your Godaddy product as soon as possible. In this guide, I will tell you how I renew my expiring Godaddy Domains and hosting with the discount.

I will help you to get the Godaddy promo code by using which you can renew your products and save some money. As we all know that the renewals of products at Godaddy are priced high.

But don’t worry ou can renew it with the discount. There are many websites available online which are displaying the Godaddy promo code.

Most of those Godaddy promo codes never work. Some of those are just fake promo codes and some of those codes will be expired.

Then how can you get the code and avail Godaddy discount on renewal?

I will let you know in the further part of this guide.

How Can You Get Godaddy Discount on Renewal?

The main way to get Godaddy discount on Renewal is by entering the Godaddy promo code while you are checking out.

Every one of us knows how we all have to use the Godaddy promo code. But the real problem is how can you get the genuine and working promo code?

If you are thinking that I will redirect you to some other website and ask you to look for the Godaddy promo code. Then no my friend I am not going to tell you such thing.

But do you know how much discount you can get on renewals at Godaddy?

At most they offer 30% discount on renewals.

If you want to renew a domain name which costs Rs. 600 + taxes.

Then after discount, you will have to pay Rs. 420 + taxes.

The amount of Godaddy discount on renewal increase if you renew your product for 2 years or more.

So this was all about the maximum discount which you can avail from them. Now let us check out how you can get the working Godaddy promo code.

How to Get Godaddy Promo Code?

You can get the promo code directly I calling the customer care of the Godaddy. Not only by calling them at 040-67607600 but also by chatting them online.

  1. Call them at 040-67607600 (Godaddy India)
  2. Get yourself connected to talk with their representative.
  3. They will ask you your Godaddy Customer Number and 3 digit PIN number.
  4. Once your account is verified, they will tell you that your products are expiring. (in most of the cases)
  5. Tell them that you want Godaddy promo code to renew your product.
  6. They will add your product to cart with the promo code.
  7. And finally, click on Checkout button on their website and pay with discount added to your cart.

If you don’t ask for the discount then you will have to renew at regular prices. Which is high, but if you ask for the promo code from them. They will provide you the code and help you check out too.

But in most of the cases what happens is we have to wait for a long time. They keep our call on hold for a very long time before it’s connected.

I personally don’t like to wait for someone so long on the call. If even you don’t like to wait for the call to get connected.

Then I have an another way for you by following which you can get Godaddy promo code and discount for your renewals.

And that is by chatting with their representative online. So to get Godaddy discount on renewal follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Open the official website of Godaddy. (whichever county your belong)
  2. Click on 24/7 Support link and then on Chat Now button.
    Godaddy Discount on Renewal
  3. Then you will be able to chat with one of their representatives. The chat box is similar to that of Facebook so you will not face any difficulties.
    Chatting With Them
  4. They will ask you for your 4 digit Call-In PIN.
  5. The representative will provide you the Godaddy promo code.

Most of their representatives add the promo code directly to your cart and ask you to click on the Checkout button. But if in case they don’t add it to your cart and just provide you the code.

Then follow the steps mentioned here to know how you can get Godaddy discount on renewal by using the promo code.

First of all open the official website of Godaddy, you can use this link provided here to open their website. Login to your Godaddy account by entering your login credentials.

Click on My Products

Click on your username displayed at the right top side of the website and then click on My Products link.

Click on Renew

You will find all the products that you have purchased from them. Select the product which you would like to renew from the there. Like in my case I want to renew my domain name so I will select it.

Select the duration for which you would like to renew your product. At the right sidebar, you will get the option to use your Godaddy promo code.

Godaddy promo code

Enter or paste your promotional code and click on Proceed to Checkout button. Make the payment and you are done with it.

So this is how you can get Godaddy discount on renewal by getting the genuine and working Godaddy promo code from them.

If you have any doubt or question in your mind then feel free to comment below.

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