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Google AMP Will It Help You Increase Traffic?

Written by Akash Navi

Google the search engine giant always they keep on innovating things. And from last many months, we have seen a new feature of Google.

And that is the AMP pages which load blazing fast on mobile devices. The speed at which Google AMP pages load is really great.

When there is more speed it is quite obvious that the user experience will be good and the bounce rate will come down.

This was all about the experience which Google AMP pages give to the visitors of the website. But does it help you to increase traffic?

I mean if you implement AMP on your website will the traffic which you are getting from search engines increase? I will tell you some of the things which I came across by using AMP on my websites.

Why Google AMP? What it Actually Does?

Ok, first of all, I would like to tell you some more things about the Google AMP project and what is actually does. This is a project started by Google which is open source one.

When you add up the AMP for your website your website starts working fast on mobile devices.

The benefits which you will have are,

  • Blazing fast website loading times on mobile devices.
  • Pageviews per user will increase.
  • Bounce rate on mobile devices will come down.

Now I have implemented Google AMP on two of my WordPress websites. Let me show you how AMP pages look on desktop or laptop computer.

These are not meant for desktop or laptop computer but just have a look, we should know everything about it. 🙂

All you have to do is just add /amp/ at the end of the URL of the website which is using AMP and the AMP version of that page will be loaded in front of you.

Google AMP on desktop or laptop computer

Click to Enlarge

By default, we have this design but you can get a customized one by contacting any web developer. This was how it looks on desktop or laptop.

Even in mobile devices, the looks remain the same. But if the visitor has entered the URL directly then he or she will get the page loaded from your server.

But if they come from Google Search Engine then the visitor will not get the page loaded from your server.

Please note that the Google will index your AMP pages separately for showing them on mobile devices.

Google AMP and Organic Traffic

Let me show you one example, in the above-embedded image you can see that I have opened a news article of Indian Express. The article is not directly loaded from the server of the Indian Express, it has been loaded from the Google’s AMP Server.

There is no doubt that you will get the advantage of speed. But the changes you make to your pages will not be indexed quickly. (updated)

It takes time to show up recent changes in the AMP version of your website, which will be indexed by Google.

This was all about what is Google AMP and how it works. Now let me tell you if your traffic will be increased if you implement AMP on your website.

Google AMP Will It Help You Increase Traffic?

Traffic is what we bloggers love, we are nothing if we don’t get traffic to our websites. And this is the reason why we always try something new.

New in the sense some of us always are on White Hat ways and some, of course, go with Grey and Black Hat ways. But the goal all we have is same and that is TRAFFIC.

Now we have got a new thing to try out with our websites to increase the traffic and that is the Google AMP.

Without wasting the time let me tell you if Google AMP help you to increase the amount of traffic which you are getting to your website.

If you have a feeling in you that if you implement the Google AMP for your website and it will help you increase organic traffic you are getting.

Then I am sorry to say but NO, your organic traffic will not increase just because of Google AMP.

You may be thinking how can Akash tell us that no traffic will be increased because of AMP? I have the answer for you. I have tested Google AMP for more than a month on two of my websites.

And I am sharing my experience with you people which I got by implementing AMP on two of my websites. Let me tell you the advantages and disadvantages of Google AMP first. After that, I will tell you the main reason why AMP will not increase your website traffic.

Advantages of Google AMP

So here are some of the advantages which you will get if you implement AMP on your website.

  • Your website will load very fast on mobile devices. (Smartphone and Tablets)
  • Mobile visitors will spend more time on your website.
  • It will improve the user experience for mobile users.
  • Your bounce rate on mobile devices will come down a bit.

Ok, the first advantage needs no proof because we all know that the AMP pages are very very fast to load. So I hope there is no need of linking up a proof for this. 🙂

So the second one is the users or visitors who visit you will spend more time on your website.

But why? Why will they spend more time?

That is because of the improved user experience they will spend more time on your website. Read this report by Cheatbeat in which you can read how visitors spend more time.

And the third one is the user experience which obviously increases.

The last one is about the bounce rate, visitors spending more time on site in the sense they read more stuff. Hence your bounce rate will come down a bit on mobile devices.

Disadvantages of Google AMP

We have seen the positive side of Google AMP now it is equally important for us to check out the negative side those are disadvantages.

  • It takes time to index your changes.
  • Google AMP generates less revenue.
  • If you use CDN there is no need of AMP.

It takes time to index the changes you make on your website pages. I have discussed this before in the starting part of this article as well.

Ok, now comes the most important one and that is about the revenue. If you have monetized your website with Google AdSense. Then let me tell you that Google AMP hurts revenue a lot!

I have personally experienced this and while in the period of one month while I was using Google AMP, my AdSense revenue went down.

I am not alone who is saying this but you can read the same kind of things in Google Product Forum, follow this link. 🙂

And the last disadvantage, if you are using CDN (content delivery network) then you may not need AMP for your website. With the help of CDN and good speed optimization, you can improve the loading times by yourself.

You can read 5 reasons why you should avoid using Google AMP here.

Why Google AMP Will Not Help You Increase Traffic?

So finally, let us know the main reason why your organic traffic will not increase with the implementation of AMP.

Google AMP is Not a Ranking Factor

Don’t be surprised because this is not something that I am telling on my own. This is said by Gary Illyes who is Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google he said this at SEJ Summit.

He said that currently, AMP is not a ranking factor for now as on 16 October 2016 we can’t guarantee for future. 🙂

There is no direct relationship between the ranks and the Google AMP pages. Those are just the accelerated web pages and nothing more than that.

This is the reason why Google AMP will not help you to increase your organic traffic.

What are the Benefits of Using Google AMP?

  • Your website will load very fast on mobile devices.
  • Your bounce rate will decrease on mobile devices.
  • Your CTR (Click Through Rates) on SERP page increases.
  • Conversions increase on your website.
  • And better user experience for your visitors.

Let’s Wrap Up The Things Now

Even though it does not help us get more organic traffic, but still Gary Illyes encouraged people to implement AMP on their websites.

These were my views and experience with the Google AMP. I have tried my best to make this article clear if you have anything to share with the then please comment below.

I would love to hear from you. And yes, if you liked this article don’t forget to subscribe. 🙂


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