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How Blocking Ad Categories affects AdSense Revenue?

Written by Akash Navi

Google AdSense is a great platform for those bloggers who want to monetize their online content. As the name of the platform itself tells us that it is owned by the search engine giant Google.

There are many online advertising platforms which help the bloggers to monetize their content and earn money. But believe me, AdSense beats them all in terms of earnings. Before Blogging Champs I am the founder of few other blogs too which are monetized by Google AdSense.

I have tried many alternatives of Google AdSense on my blogs. I have tried them individually and even mixed them up with AdSense ad units. But the results were just not satisfying.

And this is why most of the bloggers online including me prefer Google AdSense to monetize their content.

Did you notice one thing? I have mentioned many things above and everything revolves around monetization and earnings.

This is because the main reason why bloggers use Google AdSense is to make money out of their online content. They try everything which is possible to increase the revenue they generate.

Some of the experiments they do can lift up the revenue and some may take it down. This goes on but we should not stop testing the ad units in fear of losing some revenue.

Ups and downs are quite normal in the revenue which is generated by the bloggers using AdSense. However, there are a number of reasons why the revenue goes up and down.

But in this article of mine, I will tell you how blocking ad categories affects ad revenue. We should keep one thing in mind and that is even Google encourages the publishers to test the ad units and try to increase the revenue they generate.

And nowadays we get tip and tricks by Google in the AdSense dashboard under opportunities part. There we find the tips by Google which are based on the performance of our ad units.

Here I have mentioned that we should test the ads but you should always make sure that you comply with the Google AdSense guidelines. If you don’t do that then you are risking your publisher account.

Does Blocking Ad Categories affects AdSense Revenue?

Blocking Ad Categories affects AdSense Revenue

So the real question here is does blocking ad categories affects the revenue which is generated by Google AdSense?

The clear answer to this questions is Yes, it does affect the revenue. But you have to keep many things in your mind.

Blocking ad categories affects the revenue but it can do both in the negative and positive way. It can help you increase the revenue and even take it down.

Getting Confused?

Let me make the things more clear to you.

How and Why Can it Increase your Revenue?

Increase in Revenue

First, let’s see why and how blocking ad categories can help you increase the revenue.

When any of your visitors visits your website and he or she will be served with the ads in which the visitor is interested.

Even if you have a finance blog which deals with loans etc. If your visitor was searching for any smartphone on Google.

Then he will be served with the Ads which are related to the smartphone. Like he can be served with the ads of Amazon, Flipkart or any other online shopping website.

Google shows those ads because your visitor was looking for those things before he visited your finance blog.

But what is different here?

Your blog is a finance blog and the smartphone ads are just irrelevant on your blog isn’t it?

Yes, they are highly irrelevant. Because currently, your visitor is reading an article about loans on your blog and his current interest lies in loans.

If the ad about loans will be displayed to your visitor then there are high chances that he might click on the ad.

So if you block the other ad categories in AdSense dashboard which are not related to the subject of your blog. Then only the ads relevant will be shown on your blog.

This can help you increase the click on get on the ad units.

How and Why Can it Decrease your Revenue?

Decrease in Revenue

Now let us check out the second scenario when you block ad categories.

The advertisements on Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) and on partner websites are based on bidding. The ads of the advertiser will be displayed who is bidding more.

The CPC or cost per click which you get is directly related to the bidding which is happening at the backend. The more number of advertisers the more bidding and more CPC you get.

So when you are blocking the ad categories the number of advertisers who are bidding to show the ad on your blog will decrease.

When competition for the ad space decreases it is quite normal that the CPC will decrease.

We all know that the AdSense revenue depends too much on the CPC. This is how blocking ad categories can decrease your revenue.

My Experiment By Blocking Ad Categories

I have tried blocking ad categories which are not relevant on two of my blogs. And both the times I ended up decreasing the revenue which I use to generate by those blogs.

So it is not recommended by me to block the ad categories in Google AdSense. But you can run the experiment on your blogs and try it out once.

You may end up increasing your AdSense revenue 🙂

I hope you are clear with everything mentioned above. But if you have any kind of doubts in your mind then leave them in the comment section below.

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