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How to Add Categories in WordPress?

Add Categories in WordPress
Written by Akash Navi

Hey, welcome to Blogging Champs. In this tutorial today we are discussing the WordPress categories or we say how to add categories in WordPress. Whenever we talk about the CMS, we say WordPress is the best Content Management System or Software. Yes, even now we say its best because it comes with the ability to sort your content with great features like categories, tags, taxonomies etc and many more things.

Recently we published the two more guides about WordPress, How to Change the Author of a Post and How to Change Author for Multiple Posts in WordPress. And today we are covering again one more WP guide about categories.

Add Categories in WordPress

If you want to develop the proper structure to your site that means meaningful and semantic, then the categories are a powerful tool that plays very important role in WordPress.

Probably categories are used to sort the content and to develop the proper site structure, like if you want to create tourist website and add destinations into it. And want users to find your articles by destinations. Let’s have an example to understand, you can add the United States and then post articles for New York City, Los Angeles, etc. The city which is mentioned back, they are called child categories or sub-categories. And united States become parent category.

To add parent or child categories in WordPress, follow the below mentioned easy steps.

1: You need to be logged into the WordPress with the administrator account so that all the options can be accessed.

2: You can add the new category while writing the post, and also you can add the category by editing the post by clicking on the posts>> edit.

Add Categories in WordPress

3: While writing the post you can see the Categories Meta box at the right side, and click on add new category link.

Add Categories in WordPress

4: You can also add categories by visiting the Categories page and add your category. This method is used to create the categories before creating the content.

Add Categories in WordPress

5: Now if you want to add subcategories to the parent category, then you can follow the same above mentioned steps and click on add new category link and enter subcategory name and select the parent category.

So, guys, this was the post all about how to Add Categories in WordPress with simple steps and hope you enjoyed on blogging champs by reading this article. Keep visiting for more WordPress guides.

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