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How to Apply for Google Adsense for a Website ?

Written by Anirudh Singh

Having a website is one thing and earning from it is another. There are a lot of monetization methods which webmasters are trying these days. However, due to its high CPC and Ad relevancy, Google Adsense is still a primary monetization method for most of the bloggers and website owners across the globe. A lot of people already know the process to apply for Google Adsense but many website owners still want to know how to apply for Google Adsense. Applying for Google Adsense is not a big deal but still you need to follow some simple steps.

Steps to Apply for Google Adsense for a Website

Before we move further, make sure you have a properly working and live website. Once you have a website you can follow the step by step procedure mentioned below to submit your google adsense application.

1) Create a Gmail Account

In order to apply for Google Adsense, first and the foremost thing you require is a Gmail Account. So, if you already have a Gmail Account you can proceed to the 2nd Step. Otherwise, create a gmail account and move to the second step.

2) Sign Up for Adsense

As soon as you have a Gmail Account, you need to sign up for Google Adsense by signing in to your Gmail Account.

3) Enter your Website Details

Website Details Adsense ApplicationEnter the URL of your Website and select the Content Language and click on Save and Continue. Make sure you enter the primary website or URL only and not the subdomain. For Example :- (Primary Website) and (Subdomain).

4) Enter your Contact Information

Now you need to enter your basic contact information like Country, Time Zone, Account Type, Name and Address, Primary Contact, Phone Number, Email Address etc. Fill this information carefully as it is required to receive the address verification postcard by Google Adsense.

5) Submit the ApplicationSubmit Adsense Application

Finally after you fill the complete information, you need to click on Submit my Application button at the bottom of the page. This will finally submit your application to Google Adsense.

Further Steps

1) Please note that submitting your Application to Google Adsense does not guarantee your Application Approval. Google Adsense will review your application and will send you a mail after your application is approved for the first step of getting a Google Adsense Account.

2) Once your Account is approved for the 1st step, you will be given access to Google Adsense Account.

3) After Signing into your Google Adsense Account you will need to create Ad Units. Create 2-3 Ad Units.

4) Place the Ad Codes of the Ad Units on your Website.

5) These Ad Units will appear blank on your website and Google Adsense will take a second review of your Account and Website.

6) If your Adsense Account gets Fully Approved, you will receive a mail regarding the same and you are good to go! In case your Application is not approved, you will get a rejection mail from Google Adsense.

If you have any questions regarding Google Adsense Application procedure or you want to share your experience, you may leave your comments below.


  • Please… I have a YouTube channel with lots of views on my videos, while applying for AdSense account they asked me for a primary website, I never understand what they meant by the website.. Pls i need help

    • Hi Noble,
      If you want to monetize your YouTube channel then you don’t have to apply for AdSense by searching it on Google.
      Or by visiting the official website of Google AdSense.

      If you do so then you have to enter your website URL.

      So you have to use the Monetize feature which is available in YouTube dashboard > Channel Settings.

      Once you use the monetize option in your YouTube dashboard you will be able to monetize your YouTube channel.

      Hope this helps you.

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