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How to Embed a Google Form in WordPress?

Written by Akash Navi

Google Forms are a great way to create user fillable forms, as bloggers, we come across a number of situations where we have to create such forms. That forms may be for an event invitation or anything related to blogging.

This service is free of cost and anyone who has a Google account can take advantage of this service of Google. They have developed a number of such things which are very helpful for the people and are free to use.

Google Translate, Gmail, and YouTube are some of them to name.

If you want to embed a Google Form in WordPress then this guide is for you. Because in this guide of mine, I will tell you how you can embed a Google form easily in your WordPress posts and pages.

How to Easily Embed a Google Form in WordPress Posts and Pages?

We have got a number of WordPress form builder plugins which are very easy to use and you can get the form ready within minutes.

Some of those form builder plugins are free to install and some of them are premium. Now the choice is yours you are either use Google Forms or install WordPress plugin which will help you create form.

The first thing you have to do is you have to create a form. You can create it by visiting Google Forms all you have to do is sign in with your Google Account and create the form.

Creating Google Form

Create the Form and Click on Send

Once you finish with the creation of form click on Send button which you can find at the upper right corner of the web interface.

We get an embed HTML option after creating the form and that is the option which we will be using to embed a Google Form in WordPress.

Click on the embed HTML option, now you have to select the height and the width of the Google Form. By default the width will be 760 px and height will be 500 px.

Embed a Google Form in WordPress

Copy the Embed HTML Code

Now copy the Embed HTML text and paste the same in the text section (WordPress Text Editor) of the post or page of your WordPress blog.

Paste the Form Embed Code

Paste the Embed HTML in Text Editor

Make sure you paste the embed HTML code in the text editor of your WordPress writing area. If you paste the embed HTML in the visual editor the Google Form will not work in the post or page.

Don’t forget to hit the publish button 🙂

This is how you can easily embed a Google Form in WordPress post or page without any plugin. I hope you are clear with all the information mentioned here. If you have any kind of doubts you can comment down below.

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