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How too Many Ads Impact Organic Traffic? [Case Study]

Written by Akash Navi

Ads are a very important part of the internet these days. Many people are making their living all because of ads. Even the search engine giant earns by showing up ads to it users.

Google show’s the ads on their properties and also on others properties. They show ads on Google SERP, Gmail, YouTube and other web properties they own.

Not only this but they show ads on the properties or websites which they don’t own. That is with the help of their Google AdSense program.

In this program website owners have to apply for AdSense and if Google’s team feels the website is good enough then they will approve the application.

As soon the AdSense account is fully active the website owner who is an AdSense publisher can create ad units and show ads on his or her website.

They will be paid for the clicks and impressions they get on the ads displayed on their website. Google holds share in the earnings as well 🙂

Here both the publisher and the search engine giant are earning money.

This is how the internet is relying on advertising. Today we will not go too deep about the advertiser and how they are making the profit by advertising online.

But we will focus on the publisher or website owner’s side.

Most of the bloggers use the Google AdSense program to monetize their content and are also making a good amount of money every month.

They go with AdSense because it is the best network by which they can monetize their online content.

But wait if you are a publisher then you have to show ads on your website right? Yes, you have to do it. But have you ever wondered how the number of ads you are showing is Impacting the organic traffic you get from Google?

Don’t be shocked about this thing. If you are showing too many ads on your website then it will be Impacting your organic traffic.

I have a case study with me which I will be showing to you today.

This is not only when you are showing too many AdSense ads, but also if are showing too many banner ads on your website.

Which means even showing too many banner ads Impact your organic rankings.

How too Many Ads Impact Organic Traffic?

How too Many Ads Impact Organic Traffic?

So now let us get started with this case study and check out how I carried out this case study. And also know how showing too many ads Impact organic traffic that your website is getting.

Here we have to keep one simple thing in our mind and that is Google loves those websites which offer good user experience with great content.

User experience is an important factor which Google monitors strongly while it assigns ranks to the websites in SERP. And when you show too many ads on your website will it Impact user experience?

What do you think about it?

Yes, it does if you are showing too many ads on your website then I am sorry to say you are ruining the user experience you are offering to your visitors.

For example, think that you have visited the website which I own on which I was testing this. It is website based on general niche.

And you are there to learn about some course which you can do after class 12 in India. At that movement, you eagerly want to know about the course.

But how will you feel if I have added the Google AdSense advertisements in the pattern mentioned below.

  • 250 x 300 AdSense ad unit before the first paragraph.
  • 720 x 90 AdSense ad unit after the first paragraph.
  • 2  responsive link ad units after the second paragraph.
  • And again a 250 x 300 AdSense ad unit at the middle of the article.
  • And finally a 720 x 90 AdSense ad unit at the end of the article.

That’s too much, right?  and you will be irritated by those ads and you will hit the back button and return to Google SERP.

And choose any other website however you will have 10 results on the first page of Google SERP for anything you search there. 🙂

When showing these many ads can ruin your experience on my website. Then it is quite obvious that even the other people who visit my website will not like it.

Google will also hate your website if you have too many ads like I have mentioned above.

If Google will not like your website then you will not rank high on Google. This is how showing too many ads Impact organic traffic you are getting from Google.

I hope you have understood how ads will Impact the organic traffic.

If yes, then that’s awesome, now let’s check the out my case. If you have any doubts or questions in your mind then you can comment down below.

My Case Study About The Impact of Ads on Organic Traffic

I have already told you about that the website of mine, which I used to test the impact of too many ads on organic traffic is a general niche blog.

What I did to test the impact was I added the ads in the pattern which I have mentioned above. The total number of the ads which were running on my website during the case study was 6.

They were 4 AdSense ad unit and 2 responsive link units which make the total 6.

The average content length of every post published on that website is 600 words per post.

The amount of organic traffic my website use to get was more than 600 visits per day. This was fully organic which does not include any kind of traffic coming from social media.

On May 8th of 2017, I added the ad units in the pattern mentioned above. The traffic was normal till the 10th of May. I got a thought in my mind and that was “The number of ads does not affect organic traffic” but I was totally wrong.

There was a surprise waiting for me on 11th of May 2017 and that was a huge traffic dip.

I lost 44% of my organic traffic on 11th May 2017.

44% of organic traffic is a huge.

Decrease in Organic Traffic on May 11 2017

You can check out the screenshot of my Google Analytics in which you can see the traffic dip of 44% on 11th May 2017.

It hardly took 3 days for Google to recognize the number of ads which I was displaying on my website. So my ranks dropped on the 11th May.

You should note one thing and that is.

Showing up too many ads is not a bad thing. But doing it in a way which affects the user experience is a bad thing.

The ad placements I used were affecting the user experience. And that’s the reason why traffic took a dip.

What happened next?

As I was experimenting this thing I need to wait for few more days before I can conclude anything. And that is why I waited for 3 more days that is till 13th of May 2017.

The traffic remained the same and still, I had not got that 44% of organic traffic that I had lost.

And finally, it was time to switch back to the old ad placements. On 14th May 2017, I switched back to my old ad placements. It was as mentioned below.

  • 1 link ad unit before the first paragraph.
  • 1 250 x 300 Ad unit in the middle of the post.
  • 1 250 x 300 Ad unit at the end of the post.
  • And 1 120 x 600 Skyscraper unit.

The total number of ad units I regularly used on the particular website was 4. And again it took 3 days for Google to recognize the changes I have done on my website.

And surprisingly I got the 44% of organic traffic back which I had lost due to too many ads on the website check out the Google Analytics screenshot below.

Increase in Organic Traffic on May 17 2017

On May 17th 2017, the traffic was back to normal.

This was my case study on how too many ads impact organic traffic. What do you feel about this case study? let me know in the comment section below.

After this case study, I have reduced the number of ads on all my websites which are running Google AdSense ads. I have tested this with AdSense ads. But this can be same for the pop-up and other banner ads too.

I have seen an increase in the organic traffic of my other websites also. So even you can try decreasing the number of ads you are showing on your website.

But keep one thing in your mind, I would like to tell this once more. Showing too many ads is not a bad thing but showing it in a way which affects user experience is a bad thing. 🙂

If you feel your current ad placements are affecting the user experience then you can try decreasing the number of ads and changing the placements.

Keep an eye on the RPM and CTR too if you are using Google AdSense. Along with the user experience and traffic, earning is also an important thing for bloggers.

Tweak your ads in such a way that it will fetch you more earnings with less impact on user experience.

You may also like to read about how blocking ad categories in AdSense affects revenue. If you wish to do so follow this link.


  • I really a very good case study indeed and yes Google pays good attention to user experience and if you are putting too many ads on your blog just to make money then I am sure that user experience will not be good. So the SEO value reduces for your blog.

  • Hey mate I also tried adsense for first time and placed 2 ads just on the beginning of the post and after 3 days my traffic is decreased by 66% as directed by this post I have removed all adsense ads lets see the results I will keep you updated.

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