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How to Install WordPress Plugins [2 Methods to Install]

Written by Akash Navi

WordPress which is one of the widely used Content management system for running websites and blogs. WordPress powers 25% of the websites which are online in today’s date. And we all know that 25% of the websites are huge in number they are in millions! It is loved by people because of the simplicity, its very easy to use. And the other reason is obviously ‘Plugins’, plugins are data files which can be executed by WordPress and make WP more easy to use for people. With plugins you can do thing with few clicks and its done.

Everyone as soon as they complete the task of  installing WordPress on their web-host the next thing they do is installing WP plugins. In this guide on BloggingChamps.Com I will be teaching you how you can install a WordPress plugin on your website.

How to Install WordPress Plugins – Step by Step Guide.

I will tell you two methods with which you can install plugins on your website and they are:

  • By Searching though WordPress Plugin Search.
  • And Installing WordPress plugin using Admin Plugin Upload.

So lets start with the guide and learn both the methods.

Installing WordPress Plugin through WordPress plugin search.

To install it through WP dashboard the first thing you need to do is to login into your Dashboard. You can do that by going to http://yourdomain.com/wp-admin/

Enter your username and password and click on Login.

As soon as you login into your dashboard, you will be getting a sidebar at the left side of your window. Now take your cursor on Plugins and click on Add New. You can refer the image which I have embedded below.

Click on Add New plugin

When you click on Add New, you can see a new page will be opened in front of you. From that new page you will be getting a search box. In that search box type in the name of plugin which you want to install on your site and press enter. Like in my case I want to install External Links plugin, I am searching for it by using the search box.

Search Plugin

You will get results for your query you make using the search box, from there select one plugin for you and Click on Install now. Look at the image below, I have indicated the install now button with an arrow for more clarity.

Click on Install Now

When you click on Install Now, the plugin you have selected will be installed and you will get the status of your plugin installation on your screen.

Click on Activate Plugin

When you will see ‘Successfully Installed the Plugin’ message on your screen, click on Activate Plugin. And you are done with it, you have installed a WordPress plugin on your site by using WordPress plugin search.

Installing WordPress plugin using Admin Plugin Upload.

Now lets learn the second method, I have already told you the procedure which you need to follow to login into your dashboard by entering your username and password.

Now again take your cursor in Plugins and click on Add New. You will get Upload Plugin button there, click on that. Refer the image below for more details.

Click on Upload Plugin Button

When you click on Upload Plugin you will be asked to to choose the file from your device. (Laptop or Desktop Computer) The file should be in .zip format to get executed by WordPress. Refer the image below to know how you can choose the file.

Upload Plugin

When you choose your file click on Install Now, your plugin will be installed on your website. You can activate it by clicking on Activate Plugin.

So this was how you can do it, if you have any doubts you can leave your comment below.

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