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7 Main Reasons for Google Adsense Payment Hold

Written by Anirudh Singh

Google Adsense have thousands of Publishers who have their Accounts to show Ads on their Websites. The Publishers receive their payment from Google Adsense around 21st of every month. However, some of the publishers don’t get their payment. The reason might be because of a payment hold on their Adsense Account. There are a lot of people who suffer from a Payment Hold by Google Adsense, specially the newbies.

Every Adsense publisher must know for what reasons is their payment held by Google Adsense. For the ease of the Publishers, we have come up with this post where we will tell you about the main reasons behind Google Adsense Payment Hold. We are sure this post will help you to get rid of your Adsense Payment Hold.

Note : If your payments are on hold, you will find an alert on your Payments page. You just need to click the link in the alert to know the steps you need to take in order to remove the hold and become eligible for payment. Google Adsense makes the payment in the monthly payment cycle only. By any chance, if you do not have a payment hold on your Adsense Account, the payment hold will be removed by the 20th of the forthcoming month.

7 Main Reasons for Google Adsense Payment Hold

Reasons for payment holds in adsense

Before we tell you about the reasons for Payment Hold by Google Adsense, make sure you have an Active Google Adsense Account with your Payment Crossing the threshold Amount.

Let us now know the 7 reasons for Google Adsense Payment Hold :

1) You have not Submitted Tax Information

As per the country of your payment address, Google Adsense needs you to provide tax information. You must check out the “Payee profile” page in your Adsense Account for more details about it.

2) You have not Added Form of Payment

If you have not added a form of payment in your Adsense Account before 20th of the month, your payment will automatically go on hold until you add a form of Payment. The Form of Payment in Google Adsense may be EFT, Check etc. according to your preference.

3) You have not Verified your Address

Adsense Publishers are sent a Post Card with a personal identification number (PIN) as soon as their earnings reach the verification threshold. You must enter the PIN for verifying your address in order to start receiving payments.

4) Due to Compliance Hold

Adsense Payments Team require you to provide some information or scanned documents to confirm your identity, so that the payment can be made. This is usually needed when you do not receive the PIN mailer for 3 times.

5) You have not Removed Self Hold

You can the option to put a self hold on your Adsense Payments. Make sure you remove the self-hold to start receiving your payments again.

6) In Case Payment is Via Russia Post (Rapida – Post)

If your receive your payments via russia post and your account is on hold, then you need to take action to continue receiving payments by Russia Post. This is required because of the updated restrictions.

7) Account Under Review for Compliance with Adsense Program Policies

All the Google Adsense Publisher Accounts are monitored for policy compliance as well as invalid activity. Sometimes, while your account is being monitored, your payments will automatically be on hold. In such a situation, you do not need to contact Google Adsense Team. The payment hold will automatically be removed once the investigation ends. Do remember that this hold will only be removed if your account is policy compliant and the traffic on your website is valid.

These are the main reasons behind the Google Adsense Payment Hold. If your Payment is on hold, we are sure you fall in any one of the above categories. However if you can find the payment in your Adsense Account is not on hold and still you have not received it, you must contact your Bank for further Details.

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