How to Register Domain Name with Godaddy?

Written by Akash Navi

Are you planning to take your business online or building a blog? That’s really great. If yes and you want to create a website and create a online presence of yourself then you should first register one domain name for you. You can choose and register domain name with any of the Registrar online. But in this article I will tell you everything you need to know about this and how you can register domain name with Godaddy. When it comes to register a domain or taking your business online the first name which comes in your mind is Godaddy. That is because they have established themselves in this business and the way they promote themselves is very good. You may have seen their Television commercial.

What is domain name?

Before we start with this guide to register domain name with Godaddy, we shall first learn about domain and what it is actually. In simple words I can tell you Domain name is foundation of your online presence, it is one of the most basic thing you should have before you can build a website for you.

And if you want me to explain the things technically then will do that for you. Domain name actually defines IP address where you will be hosting your website.

For example when you type BloggingChamps.Com in address bar of you web browser, you and your web browser know the URL. When you press enter and ask your browser to connect to our website, your browser first reaches our Nameservers database. Then our nameservers will inform the IP address where our site is hosted, so now your browser knows our IP address. It will open that IP address, when it does you can read our website.

Now we can conclude that a domain name is the foundation of our websites which will help the browser to reach our severs where we will host the website. Without that no directions and data will be served to your browser by our web servers.

When it comes to register name you can get many types of suffix (Extensions) for your domain which will be the ending part of your name.

Look at your browsers’s address bar you can see our URL there and at last you can see .COM is the extension of our name. There are many suffixes or extensions I can say which you can buy for your domain name. I have mentioned them below read on to know more about them.

Which Domain Extensions Can I Register with Godaddy?

Godaddy is one of the biggest Registrar and they provide you almost all the major extensions which you can register. I have mentioned them below.

  • .COM
  • .ORG
  • .NET
  • .IN
  • .CO
  • .CO.IN
  • .INFO
  • .BIZ
  • .CO.UK
  • .ME
  • .MOBI

And many more, they offer some very unique domain extensions like .CLUB, .XYZ, .BUZZ, .ROCKS etc. You can register any extension of your wish.

Now I will explain you the procedure which you need to follow in order to register domain name with Godaddy.

How to Register Domain Name with Godaddy?

So now we have discussed about what actually domain names are and which all extensions you can register for your website or blog address. It’s now time to move to the further part of this article and check out the procedure to register yours with Godaddy.

First thing you need to do is visiting their website. You can visit Godaddy’s website by using this link provided here. It will take you to their website. You will not be interrupted while reading this article because it will be opened in new tab of your web browser.

Note: The link provided here will take you to Indian version of Godaddy’s website. If you are not from India then please Google it and visit their website.

After opening their website, click on Domains you will get one drop-down kind of animated menu. From that menu in the Find a Domain section, click on Domain Name Search. You can refer the image which is embedded below.

How to Register Domain Name with Godaddy?

When you click on that you will see a new page opened in your browser. From there you can now search for the name which you wish to own for you. I have added a picture below which will explain you about it.

Enter Domain Name

Enter the name you wish it may be your name, your companies name or anything you wish and click on Search. When you do so all the domain names which are available will be shown to you on your screen. Now you need to choose and click on Select. All the available extensions will be displayed to you in the results.

Select Domain name in Godaddy

After your selection you need to move to the cart and make the payment for registering the name. Like I have selected one which is visible to you in the image above I need to pay Godaddy Rs.599.00. To Move to the cart you need to click on Continue to Cart, you can refer the picture below.

Continue to Cart in Godaddy

You will be asked the term for which you are willing to register your domain name. That is you ca register it for 1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years and 5 years. Check out the picture below in that I that I have shown the way how you need to select the term for registration. Click on Proceed to Checkout.

Proceed to Checkout

You need to create a account if you are using Godaddy services for the first time. But in case you already have a Godaddy account you can login into your account by entering your username and password. Check out the picture embedded below.

Login into Godaddy Account

After you login into your account you will be asked to enter your billing address. Which is for Domain ownership information. (Contact Information) You can change or update domain contact information in Godaddy later on anytime from your account.

Make the payment of your domain name you can make it by Debit cards, Credit Cards, Internet Banking etc. Whichever you feel convenient you can use that means of payment.

Now you have successfully completed your task to Register domain name with Godaddy. Now you have complete authorization to use your domain as you want.

You can even Transfer your domain name to other domain registrar if you wish and to do you need to unlock your domain with Godaddy and obtain transfer authorization code from Godaddy and provide that to your new registrar. If you wish to read about it you can read these linked articles here.

And if you have already purchased Web Hosting plan where you will host your domain name. I have one article for this task too which will help you out to change nameserves in Godaddy. If you are purchasing or bought hosting externally. (not from Godaddy) But if you have purchased the hosting from Godaddy only then there is no need to change the nameservers.

You will be having an option to delete domain name too. And one more last and most important thing is you need to renew domain name when it gets expired. Its your responsibility to do so, you can even enable auto renew feature which will renew it automatically.

I hope you are clear with everything which is mentioned in this article. If you have any kind of doubts or quires you can leave your comment below. We at BloggingChamps.Com will respond to you as soon as we can and will assist you with the issues you are facing.

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