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How to Rename Categories in WordPress?

Rename Categories in WordPress
Written by Akash Navi

Hey there, welcome to Blogging Champs. Here at this website we usually discuss more WordPress, WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS). We write on more about How to’s Guides of WordPress. Recently we published articles related to WordPress as well as to this post on how to add categories and how to change author for published post. And today we are with how to rename categories that you have already added in WordPress. So let’s get started.

Categories are important and help to your readers to find your articles easily. Also, categories make the site structure meaningful and semantic. That’s why WordPress is the best CMS that offers great features like categories etc. Now let’s talk to a point, you might need to rename the categories you added into WordPress for various reasons. If you are the beginner to WordPress than changing name of categories is hectic and that’s why we came up with an intention of beginner to show you how to rename the categories in WordPress.

Rename Categories in WordPress!

WordPress comes with the nice management area for every particular thing and for categories too. To change the name of categories you have to make sure that you logged in WordPress with the administrator account and follow the below steps.

1: after login, come onto with your cursor on posts and click on categories that are Posts>>Categories. Or look at the below image.

Rename Categories in WordPress

2: Now you can see all the existing categories which you added. You can rename the categories by two ways; one is by clicking on “quick edit” option which allows renaming and editing the slug.

Rename Categories in WordPress

But if you want to add the description to your category then you need to choose another option “edit” this allows you to do changes like rename, edit the slug, add the description and also you can add parent category to it.

Rename Categories in WordPress

3: Now you know how to edit or rename your category and slug too right? But one thing you need to keep in mind that, changing a category slug means changing the URL of the category. So if you are using that URL in the menu section then you need to update it manually.

4: once you have renamed the categories make sure you save the changes by clicking on update button and you are all set with it.

So, guys, this was a post all about how to rename Categories in WordPress. And remember using the right keywords in your category names can increase your site’s SEO rankings. So make sure you use the clean readable keywords in your category and be happy. Hope you got clear with this and I wish you keep visiting!

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