How to Reset Hosting Account in Godaddy?

Written by Akash Navi

When it comes to buying hosting for your website or blog, the first thing comes in mind is Godaddy, and there are two main reasons for that. And they are the first one is because of their promotion, they promote their products too much. You may have seen their advertisement on Television and internet everywhere you will find their ads. And the other one is because of they have established themselves very well in this business they are worlds largest registrar.

Their hosting services are good but we can’t say they are best in class because, all of my websites are hosted on Godaddy hosting packages and I have seen my websites down many times in a month. Which is too bad. If you have also faced such issues with Godaddy and you would like to share your experience with me you can comment below.

In this guide on BloggingChamps.Com I will be showing the procedure which you need to follow to reset your hosting account. But before that I would like to tell you what actually it means by the world resetting your account.

What does Resetting Godaddy hosting account means?

When you reset your Godaddy hosting account, everything which is on your account will be deleted including your MySQL Database, cPanel settings, Files, Emails etc. you will loose everything you have in your hosting account.

Your hosting account will turn as it was when you had purchased your hosting from Godaddy. You will have to setup everything from first.

How to Reset Hosting Account in Godaddy?

So now let us get started with the article and check out how you can reset your hosting account. To do so first of all you need to login into your Godaddy account.

Visit their website, enter you username and password. When you successfully logged in into your account. Click on your username which is displayed at the upper right corner of your window.

Manage your hosting in Godaddy

When you click on that you will get a menu from here click on Manage your Hosting. You can refer the image which is embedded above for more detailed information.

When you click on that all your hosting plans which are active on your account will be displayed to you on your screen. You need to choose the one from them which you want to reset. Refer the image below.

Click on Godaddy Hosting Settings

When you click on Settings all the setting related to your hosting account will be displayed to you. From there now you need to click on Reset which you will find on the upper tab. And the click on Reset Account, you can refer the image below for more detailed information regarding this step.

Click on Reset tab

When you click on Reset Account, you will be warned by Godaddy by saying all the files and settings you have made to this hosting account will be completely deleted and can’t be taken back. (Undo) And they are not responsible for if you reset your account by mistake.

You will be asked to type ‘reset’ in a space which will be provided to you and once you type ‘reset’ your account will be refreshed.

I hope you are clear with all the steps which I have mentioned in this article. If you have any questions drop them below.

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