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How to set Geographic Target in Google Search Console?

Written by Akash Navi

Google search console is the place where you can enhance the online presence of your website on the search engine giant Google. In search console we have plenty of features and one of those feature is International targeting with which we can use to target our domain to particular country. In this guide I will tell you the complete procedure which you need to follow to set geographic target in Google search console.

But before that I would like to tell you some of the points which you need to know about the International targeting feature of Google Search Console.

What is international targeting in search console?

International targeting is one of the amazing feature of search console offered to the webmasters to target their domain name or website to a particular country. You can target your top level domains, I will show you the procedure which needs to be followed.

Which domains can’t be used in international targeting?

As I have already told you above that you can use top level domain to target international traffic. You can’t use an country top level domain to target for international traffic.

What is a country top level domain?

County level top domains are those domains which are targeted to an particular country traffic by default. Like say the .IN domain’s geographic target is set to India by default which means you can’t target an .IN domain to United States traffic.

And in the same way .US domain’s geographic target is set to United States by default and you can’t target that domain to United Kingdom traffic.


You can see the image above in which the geographic target is set to India by default because it’s an .IN domain name.

I hope you are now clear with everything regarding the international targeting in Google search console, top level domains and country top level domains. Now let’s move to the further part of this guide.

How to set a Geographic target in Search Console?

The first thing you have to do is open Search console and sign in into your Google account. Select the website (property) whose geographical target you want to change or set.

Please note that you have to add your website to Google Search console before you set an Geo target for your website, if you have not yet added your website then follow this link and read how you can do it.


Now from the site dashboard click on Search traffic and then on International Targeting. Now you will get a drop down menu with the help of which you can choose the country.


First tick target users in and then choose the country from drop down menu and click on save.

So this was how you can set Geographic target in Google search console, I hope you are clear with all the steps which I have mentioned above. Further I recommend you to read about how you can submit sitemap to Google to ensure all the pages of your website are indexed by Google.

And then to get traffic to your website you have to build some quality backlinks for your website in order to rank higher. Read how you can check backlinks in Google search console if you have already built some and check how many of those are crawled by Google bots.

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