How to Setup Domain Forwarding in Godaddy?

Written by Akash Navi

When you want to change your websites URL permanently or temporarily you can make use of this free feature which is provided by almost all of the domain name registrar online. With this feature you can redirect your visitors from one URL to another URL or link I can say. In this article on BloggingChamps.Com I will tell you everything you need to know about Domain forwarding and redirects both 301 and 302 and how they work. And will tell you the procedure which you need to follow in order to setup domain forwarding with the domain name which you have got registered with Godaddy.

What is Domain Forwarding and Redirects and how they work?

When you setup a domain forwarding or redirect to any of the domain name, when someone visits or opens that URL they will be automatically redirected to the other domain or URL which you have selected in the Domain settings. For example some years ago used a different domain which was and now they are using

When someone visits they are automatically redirected to the new domain They are using 301 redirect, there are two types of redirects and they are 301 and 302 redirects. I have explained when you should use them below.

301 Redirect: You need to use 301 when you are moving your website permanently to new address or URL.

302 Redirect: You need to use 301 when you are redirecting your websites URL for a temporary period of time.

And keep one thing in your mind 301 will pass your SEO and link juice to the next domain name to which you are redirecting but this will not happen in the case of 302.

How to Setup Domain Forwarding in Godaddy?

To setup or redirect your Godaddy domain to another link or domain. The very first step you need to take is to login into your Godaddy account. You can use this link provided here, it will take you to the login page in new tab of your web browser.

My Products of Godaddy

After you login into your account, click on the your username which is displayed to you at the upper right corner of the window and click on my products.

Manage DNS

All your products will be displayed to you on your screen, now you need to select the domain name to which you are willing to setup forwarding. And click on Manage DNS.

All the Domain Name Severs setting of the domain will be displayed to you. But we need to look for Forwarding of the domain because we want to redirect Godaddy domain to another domain. Scroll down you will get Forwarding options at the bottom of the page.

Forwarding Domain Name in Godaddy

Click on Add to setup redirect for the Godaddy registered domain name. Now you will be asked to enter the URL of the domain name where you are willing to setup domain forwarding and select the type of redirect you wish to add. (301 or 302)

Domain Redirect in Godaddy

Enter the URL along with selecting the protocol type http:// or https:// and the type of forward you are willing to add. Make sure you check “Update my namesevers and DNS settings to support this change”. If you don’t check it your changes will not make any affect.

At last click on Save and you are done, you have now completed your task to setup domain forwarding in Godaddy.

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