How to take Backup of your Website in Godaddy through cPanel ?

Backup website through cPanel in Godaddy
Written by Anirudh Singh

If you have hosted your Website or Blog on Godaddy and you are looking to take Backup of your Website, then this article is for you. Though there are mainly 2 ways of taking backup of a website i.e., through an FTP Client or through backup feature available in the cPanel Account of your Hosting. Godaddy also has a Backup feature in cPanel through which you can easily take backup of your Website. The process of taking backup through cPanel in Godaddy is quite easy and can be done within seconds. No matter if you are a pro blogger or a newbie, you can go ahead and use this article to take complete backup of your blog or website.

Steps to take Website Backup in Godaddy through cPanel

Before we move ahead with the process of taking backup in Godaddy through cpanel, make sure you have a website hosted in a Godaddy’s hosting account (Linux, Windows or selected VPS Plans) which has a cpanel account. I mentioned this because some of the Hosting plans like Managed Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and some of the VPS plans do not provide you with cpanel account.

Let us now have a look at the step by step tutorial to take a website backup in Godaddy through cPanel :

1) Login to your Godaddy Account and click on your Name that appears on the top right hand side or the page. After that click on My Products, which will take you to another page.

Godaddy My Products

2) Click on Manage on the hosting of the Website for which you want to take the Backup. You will now reach the cPanel Account associated with that particular hosting account.

Web Hosting in Godaddy Account

3) Under Files click on Backup. You will now reach a page where you can start taking backup of your website.

Backup in Godaddy cPanel4) Click on Home Directory under the heading Download a Home Directory Backup. This will save the home directory backup file on your computer.

Home Directory Backup in Godaddy5) Click on the Database Link (Example : i680604_wp1 in my case) under Download a MySQL Database Backup. This will save the MQSQL database backup file on your computer.

MySQL Database Backup in Godaddy

6) Click on the Email Forwarders link under Download Email Forwarders. This will save the Email Forwarders on your computer.

Email Forwarders Backup in Goadaddy

7) Click on the System Filter Info link (if any) under Download Email Filters. This will save the Email Filters on your computer.

Backup Email Filters in Godaddy

This is the complete tutorial for taking complete backup of a Website in Godaddy through cPanel. Make sure you keep these files safely in a single folder in your Laptop, Computer or a Hard Disk so that you can easily access them if you ever want to restore a backup.

Now, that you know how to take a backup of your Website, you may also want to check our tutorial on restoring a website backup in Godaddy through cPanel.


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