How to Transfer Domain to Another GoDaddy Account?

Written by Akash Navi

Godaddy being one of the biggest Domain name registrar in the world, they offer many features and options to their customers. They are very famous and have established themselves very well in this business. You can register domain name with Godaddy, buy web hosting for you website etc. They provide almost all the products and services which we need to run and maintain a website online. From domain to SSL certificates and website builders everything. When you register a domain with Godaddy you can transfer your domain name to other registrar you have complete authorization over your domain. And just like that you can transfer it to another Godaddy account. I will tell you the procedure which you need to follow to do so.

What is transferring Domain to Another Godaddy account actually is?

This feature is very interesting and I welcome this feature. This will let you to change the ownership details by transferring it to other account of Godaddy. Recently I had opened a new Godaddy account by name with my new Email ID. By mistake I got 2 Godaddy accounts on the same Email ID and I noticed. My 3 products are under one username and one of the domain which was my 4th product which I purchased was under second username.

I called Godaddy’s customers care and asked them what to do now? They said me there is nothing to worry if you have created 2 accounts with one Email ID. Just transfer the domain to another Godaddy account and they explained me the procedure too. I used it to transfer my 4th product to another Godaddy account of mine which I had created by mistake.

I am writing this guide on my personal experience. I will share the steps which Customers care executive explained me it’s very simple.

How to Transfer Domain to Another GoDaddy Account?

So lets start and learn the procedure to transfer domain to another Godaddy account. To do so first of all you need to login in into your Godaddy account. You cause this link to Godaddy’s website to go to their website, enter your username and password and complete the process to login into your account.

Now click on your username which is displayed at the upper right corner of your screen. And later on click on My Products, you can refer the picture embedded below.

My Products of Godaddy

When you click on My Products all those products and services you have purchased from them will be displayed to you. From there click on Domains, all those domains you have registered will be displayed to you.

Click on Domain settings

Now choose the domain which you want to transfer to another Godaddy account. And click on Domain settings you can refer the picture which is embedded above. When you click on Domain Settings all the settings will be displayed to you. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for ‘Transfer Domain to another Godaddy account’. I have showed it in the picture below.

Transferring domain to other Godaddy account

A new page will be opened in which you will be asked to enter the email address of the Godaddy account to which you are willing to transfer your domain name.

New Account Information

Enter the email address, renter the same email address again. Tick I have recipient’s customer account or username and enter the username of the recipient’s account. Click on Next you will be taken to second step where you will be asked to enter the Contact information of recipients account. And in the third step you need to confirm the details you have entered at last click on Submit.

Now what happens is the recipient will receive an email from Godaddy which they will mention. ‘Change of Registrant Pending Action Required. I have added an picture of the email which I had received from Godaddy.

Change of Registrant of Domain in Godaddy

When you submit the request your job is done. Now it’s time for your recipient’s time for some action. He or she will receive a mail, I have mentioned the mail sample in the image above. They need to use the link provided in the mail and login in into their account.

When they click on Log in to accept they will be asked their username and password to login and once they enter that your domain name will be transferred to another Godaddy account.

This was how you can transfer it from one Godaddy account to another. I hope you are clear will all the steps which are mentioned in this article.

If you have any kind of doubts or questions regarding the change of registrant you can leave your comment below. I will respond to you as quick as I can.

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