How to Update Domain Contact Information in Godaddy?

Written by Akash Navi

When you register a domain name with Godaddy or any other domain name registrar which is online. They will ask you for few details like Name, Address, Mobile Number, Phone Number with STD Code, ZIP Code etc. They ask these data because they will add this details as owner information of that data. These details will be publicly visible to people when they check the Whois details of any domain name. There are many website which help people to check the owner information for free, I will let you know how to update domain contact information in Godaddy in this article on BloggingChamps.Com.

What information is included in Domain Contact information?

Domain contact information is nothing but Domain owner information. Various data mentioned below will be mentioned.

  • Domain ID.
  • Domain Name.
  • Created On.
  • Expiration Date.
  • Registrant ID.
  • Registrant Name.
  • Registrant Organization.
  • Registrant Street1.
  • Registrant Street2.
  • Registrant Street3.
  • Registrant City.
  • Registrant State/Province.
  • Registrant Postal Code.
  • Registrant Country.
  • Registrant Phone.

Anyone can check this data, I have mentioned below how it can be checked online.

How to check Domain Owner information or Whois details?

As I have already mentioned above that there are number of websites which help us to check the ownership information of any domain for free. But if the domain owner information is private you can’t get that data.

To check Whois data of any website you can visit Whois.Net, you can use this link provided here.


Enter the URL or domain name whose ownership information you want to get and click on search. When you do so all the details will be displayed to you.

How to Update Domain Contact Information in Godaddy?

To update or change domain contact information in Godaddy, you need to first of all login into your account by entering your username and password. Once you have logged in into your account now click on your username and then on My Products, you can refer the picture embedded below.

Click on My Products

Once you click on My Products all the products and services you have purchased from them will be displayed to you. Now we are discussing about updating domain owner information in Godaddy click on Domains. All the domain names which you have registered will be displayed to you, select the domain and click on Domain Settings.

Click on Domain settings

When you click on Domain Settings you will get all the domain name related settings on your screen. Look for Contact Information section on your section from there click on Edit, you can refer the picture below.

Edit Domain Owner information

Now you will be given space to enter your contact information, enter everything and click on Save at last to make the changes.

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