How to Update Email Quota in Godaddy ?

Written by Anirudh Singh

Godaddy is definitely one of the best choice when it comes to hosting. It provides its users with free unlimited Email Accounts. If you have already created an Email Account in Godaddy, you might be looking to Update Email Quota in Godaddy. If you do not have an Email Account, you can create an Email Account in Godaddy first. With Godaddy Hosting, customers are usually provided with 2 options of Email Quota i.e., (i) 250 mb(default) which can be increased or decreased, or (ii) Unlimited. Changing or Updating email quota can be done at any point of time. The person who has the access to cPanel can change or update the email quota within seconds.

Updating Email Quota in Godaddy is quite an easy task and can be done quickly. Today, in this tutorial we will tell you the step by step process to Update Email Quota in Godaddy.

Steps to Update Email Quota in Godaddy through cPanel

Before we move ahead with the process of updating the Email Quota in Godaddy through cpanel, make sure you have a website hosted in a Godaddy’s hosting account (Linux, Windows or selected VPS Plans) which has a cpanel account and and an already created email address. I mentioned this because some of the Hosting plans like Managed Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and some of the VPS plans do not provide you with a cpanel account.

Let us now have a look at the step by step tutorial to update email quota in Godaddy through cPanel :

1) Login to your Godaddy Account and click on your Name that appears on the top right hand side or the page. After that click on My Products, which will take you to another page.

Godaddy My Products

2) Click on Manage on the hosting of the Website for which you want to update Email Quota. You will now reach the cPanel Account associated with that particular hosting account.

Web Hosting in Godaddy Account

3) Click on Email Account to proceed to update email quota in Godaddy.

Email Account in Goddaddy cPanel4) Now click on the Mailbox Quota button as shown in the image below. In the below example, you can see that Mailbox Quota is already 250 MB by default. You have the option to (i) Change the mailbox quota according to your need by selecting the first radio button, or (ii) Change the mailbox quota as Unlimited.

Update Email Quota in Godaddy

This is the complete process to change or update the mailbox quota in Godaddy. At any point of time, if you feel that you want to change the Email Quota, you can follow this process.

Don’t forget to check out our tutorial to access Webmail in Godaddy. Also, if you can see the complete process to delete an Email Account in Godaddy.

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